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Geared for Gamers went back to take a look at Vanquish on the Xbox 360. Is there enough substance to make this shooter stand out on it's own with it comes to the 3rd person genre or is it just the same thing we have seen before?

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jellybalboa1897d ago

this game is a f*** insanely good 10/10 is what it truly deserves

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maverick401896d ago

WUT!!!!How did you beat challenge 6??

Ps3thebest1894d ago SpamShow
maverick401894d ago

I believe you but I am just curious because I want to beat challenge 6 too for the plat. How long did it take to beat 6 and how did you go about it?

showtimefolks1896d ago

and for all those who said this game is 4-5 hrs i am playing on normal and over 7hrs already. the story is decent. game is kind of hard but i like that

its a solid 8/10 i just wonder what if this game had online with that suit sam wears unlimited possibilities

stop hating enjoy this game

MaxOpower1896d ago

Month to late, and 3.5 too low!

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