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Ubisoft posts $74M net losses, cancels games

For next year, the company is expecting to "post further growth in both sales and current operating income." That apparently means trimming some fat from its game line-up, though, as the company has terminated some unspecified projects. We may not know which games received the dreaded axe for some time, but the long-dormant I Am Alive and Beyond Good & Evil 2 seem like prime suspects. (Beyond Good & Evil 2, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ZombieAssassin  +   1072d ago
WTF didn't ubisoft just say I Am Alive and Beyond Good & Evil 2 are still in development.
Elimin8  +   1072d ago
It's what I read somewhere too. Unless it was a rumor or BS article....?!
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1072d ago
all I know is they better not axe the new Rainbow 6!
The Matrix  +   1072d ago
Ah...so this is why they're making another Assassin's this year.
limewax  +   1072d ago
Im a sucker for that franchise though, I like Ezio anyway so I wont really complain about not getting AC3 yet. But milked or not, I have a lot of fun in their game worlds, thats pretty much all that counts. Actually playing AC:Brotherhood at the moment, the one year development is evident, but its still a good game
Redempteur  +   1072d ago
assassin creed make profit , dance games makes profits ,the rabbits too...the rest of ubsifot games however .

don't worry ancel has confirmed BGE2 is still on tracks along with rayman origins ..no reason these two could fail at this point
reznik_zerosum  +   1071d ago
Assassin's C. sucks terrible pc version
ikkeweer  +   1072d ago
Well, TNT hadn't delivered the letters yet, so they had to say something
Soldierone  +   1072d ago
Yeah...everytime Ubi runs into money trouble they always cancel these specific games...its like WTF?
WhittO  +   1072d ago
SuperKing  +   1072d ago
I guess I can understand why they're so eager to milk the AC franchise. Shame they're neglecting the rest of their portfolio but what can you do...
The Matrix  +   1072d ago
How is it milking when Brotherhood was the most critically acclaimed of the series? If you get better with ever game, then "milking" is not a bad thing.
mrv321  +   1072d ago
However point of stagnation are appearing that's a fear, this happend to Tony Hawk games, The COD series, Brotherhood was a great game, but 2 years off a new setting etc would have been better for the series than another game this year.

Another bad sign is adding multiplayer, which is very easy and quick to throw in some new maps, a mode and improvements and release a 'new' game.
Zydake  +   1072d ago
Well played Mr. Smith
Crazyglues  +   1072d ago
Well Hawx 2 was just awful, No Big game company should ever put out such a lack luster effort... They didn't even try with that game...

The writing on the wall is as clear as day -this company needs to just focus on Making really good games and stop making half ass games.. (their spreading the company too thin with all of these lame projects)(stop all iPhone development..

If your going to make a game put all of your focus on making it amazing... & and then make the games the people want - Rainbow Six Vegas 3 would have been awesome..

This Company is about to turn into Atari... and that would just be too sad for words...

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Soldierone  +   1072d ago
Like I said before. Ubisoft used to be my favorite company, now its nothing but shovelware crap. They are turning into what EA was a few years ago.

They focus on casual games and rushed projects to create namebrands for easy money. In return we get crappy games with one or two good titles mixed in.

What happened to Rainbow Six? GRAW was more popular than COD for the longest time, till they messed that up too. Splinter Cell still hasn't seen a new title on PS3, good third party support there....No wonder they are not making money. They pulled an EA without having the power of EA.
Thepro318  +   1072d ago
they release garbage like R.U.S.E over endwar 2 development . Endwar has grown a nice community but UBIsoft wanted put Endwar 2 on back burner for R.U.S.E .Very bad decision then not releasing another shooter since 2008 hurt them. Release your games your have
gameforall  +   1072d ago
All those crappy Wii titles
captain-obvious  +   1072d ago
i hope they loss more
lets face it
all what ubisoft has been doing this gen
is milking AC to death
pumping shovelware to wii and now kinect and move

and on top of that they fucked up one of my favorite games
prince of Persia

and no
i dont have a hope of them giving us good games any time soon again
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evrfighter  +   1072d ago
looks like the side effects of consolization are showing.

Hawx would have been more successful on the pc if it wasn't so consolized
same with Prince of Persia
same with Farcry
Tom Clancy Games, where to start? One of the first franchises to fall victim to consolitus. Also one of the first franchises to be die a slow painful death. This is the Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk of Ubisoft.

you can only milk Assassins Creed for so long.
Stewie2k8  +   1072d ago
oh shut up you PC elitist scum.
El_Assenso  +   1072d ago
Hahaha!! Too funny Stewiw2k8!!!
dirthurts  +   1072d ago
He's got a point. Take a game that built it's roots on pc, and modify it to suit consoles and you're just asking for failure there.
Although I thought the last Prince of Persia was pretty good (360).
kevnb  +   1071d ago
haha its valid though, console developing is just way too expensive. You have to sell like 2 million copies of a game to make profit... how crazy is that?
Soldierone  +   1072d ago
Wow this is an all time low for any PC Gamers...you are saying the fact Ubisoft doesn't spend money to make money means its all because you hate consoles...

Too bad a majority of your PC devs wouldn't still be running if it wasn't for consoles huh? Battlefield does fantastic on consoles, Tomb Raider, COD, etc...
PwnerifficOne  +   1072d ago
Not trying to be 'elitist' or anything, but B3 on the PC will be miles ahead of the console ports. Tessellation, 16x MSAA, 64 player online, Higher Quality Graphics, etc. And sorry, I just build my PC last month :), so I'm still pretty excited about it lol.
DeathMetal1474  +   1072d ago
Tell that to Blizzard

BF3, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and expansions, The Old Republic, The Witcher 2 , HD versions of Skyrim, Rage, Strret Fighter 4 AE, Street Figher vs. Tekken. Even the new COD. Yes horrible time for PC gaming /s. No one said they hate consoles but the last splinter cell was awful, the trend is to dumb down everything for the casual crowd, who mostly play on consoles.
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user2285916   1072d ago | Spam
LCF  +   1072d ago
And Ubisoft is making a movie studio department? I foresee a Square-soft in their future.
dkgshiz  +   1072d ago
Assassins Creed:Brotherhood and Ruse were the only good games from Ubisoft last year. I could easily see them being the next Midway games if they don't start releasing good titles.
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ylwzx3  +   1072d ago
proves that their crappy sales are not because of pirates.
jakethesnake  +   1069d ago
Probably more because of the DRM than pirates. I haven't bought a Ubi game since their dumb always online DRM and it's going to stay that way. I don't care how good your game is, I won't play it Ubi until you ditch the crappy DRM!
FFXI101  +   1072d ago
I want my ****ing Rainbow Six!! Where the **** is the next Rainbow game Ubisoft?
camargo2012  +   1072d ago
they deserve it. and much more
Pandamobile  +   1072d ago
Well, what the hell do you honestly expect?

What has Ubisoft done in the last 4 years besides Rabbids, AssCreed, Splinter Cell, and a bunch of Wii/Kinect/Move shovelware.
Bolts  +   1072d ago
Lets not forget their bullshit DMR on the PC. Its going to be a cold day in hell before I buy a Ubisoft game again on that platform.
kevnb  +   1071d ago
they have changed that drm now.
demonrock  +   1072d ago
I wouldn't believe anything you read on this website. So many BS articles. Go to a legit gaming site for your gaming news. They let anyone publish crap on here.
kevnb  +   1071d ago
this is what happens when you are xbox 360 focused. Most console games are huge failures financially. How long before we have a crash in the market?
R834  +   1071d ago
I hope they don't cancel Beyond Good and Evil 2 - I've been waiting forever for that game!
JMyers  +   1071d ago
They need to stop milking Assassin's Creed, and offer something new, or one of the games they have in development.
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