Hunted: The Demon's Forge Hands-On Impressions

GameXplain Says: "When you start your visit to the small town of Dyfed and witness a monster ripping out some poor chap’s heart, you know there’s something bad afoot. Even more so as soon as that thing--a Wargar--decides that it doesn’t like your face. Luckily you’re one of two battle hardened warriors able to break its bones with ease--a choice you make at the start, between the elfish Archer E’lara or the human swordsman Caddoc. You’re never alone though, since either the AI or a buddy picks up the slack and takes control of the other hero."

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newsguy2692d ago

Is this another hack and slash game ala diablo?

Eternalb2692d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. My girlfriend and I already have it pre-ordered and can't wait to check out the split-screen coop.

Eternalb2692d ago

It also looks to have the Brian Fargo humor that I loved in the original Brad's Tale.