Don't believe the hype: PS3 users aren't switching to Xbox 360

"Yesterday, Edge reported that the PlayStation Network outage is negatively affecting PS3, with gamers trading in their consoles -- half for cash, the rest for Xbox 360. Today, the story is being picked up everywhere, it seems, and repeated as gospel. One problem: Edge's report is largely about the United Kingdom (there was one Belgian retailer quoted). What about the United States? Based on a massive poll conducted by Betanews and calls to a half-dozen GameStops, there is no evidence of mass consumer exodus from PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360 -- at least in the States."

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Dante1122564d ago

Edge were making out like this was worldwide. Didn't know it was just for the UK.

mikeslemonade2564d ago

I bought 45 PS3s to counter act this movement.

ikkeweer2564d ago

just ordered 100 360's, just to make the article relevant again. Sucks I got no money left to buy games for it though.

jke822564d ago

@persistant thug


DatNJDom812564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Edge is a known PS3 hater. I feel bad for whomever listens to them. Only an idiot will trade in a PS3 for an xbox.

MonkeyBoy922564d ago

Silly move for anyone who does sell there Ps3 to be honest, with all of the amazing games coming out for the system anybody who sold it will more than likely buy it back again! Extra sales for Sony... Hairy muff!

inveni02564d ago

Don't believe the hype? What hype? Oh, you mean "REPORTS"...

Seriously, gaming needs a dictionary really bad. And thesaurus.

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thugbob2564d ago

The RROD didn't cause 360 users worldwide to switch to the PS3. So when edge was claiming that PS3 users were switching to Xbox 360 I was kind of scratching my head.

Spitfire_Riggz2564d ago

Well RROD caused me to switch =) dunno about worldwide though

sobekflakmonkey2564d ago

RROD didnt make me switch or trade in for a PS3, I just went out and bought a PS3 also...then a Wii...and then a really sick gaming pc...soooo now I just have everything lol

Anon19742564d ago

I suffered my first rrod before the PS3 even came out. Aside from having to pay $170 to get it fixed (one of two charges of $170 for two separate rrod that took me almost two years to get refunded back when the warranties were extended) Microsoft patched up my 360 fairly quickly. When I suffered my second rrod - I had a PS3 by that point but it was still pretty new and there weren't many games out for it, but I started playing PS2 games again. By my 3rd faulty Xbox - the PS3 had become my main gaming platform.

I'm now on my 4th 360 and the thing just collects dust. I brush it off about once a year now for games like Halo Reach and now I'm waiting for Gears 3 before I turn it on again. Really, after Gears I can't see anything on the horizon that would tempt me to go back. I was a huge fan of the original Xbox and loved my 360 and recommended them to friends. I wonder how many other fans like me Microsoft lost due to their own poor planning, inadequate testing and greed?

madpuppy2564d ago

After 3 dead 360's I now own 2 PS3's one for my theater room and one for my bedroom. Thanks MS for your poor quality control!!

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starchild2564d ago

Why would something like that make a person switch consoles so fast? It sucks, but it is temporary.

I didn't switch to 360. I already had a 360, PC and PS3. But I wouldn't have switched even if PS3 was my only platform. All platforms go through bad patches.

MariaHelFutura2564d ago

I already own a 360, but I bought a new PS3 today. (my PS3 died)

egidem2564d ago

R.I.P. to your PS3 then. 200? - 2011.
Mine recently also passed away, been with me from April 2007 - April 2011.

Dice012564d ago

Great video customer service call to Sony.

sobekflakmonkey2564d ago

That guy is an idiot, he just sounds like an immature child crying because he cant have what he wants when he wants it..

kikizoo2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Edge : well known ms/nintendo whore, against sony.

"The RROD didn't cause 360 users worldwide to switch to the PS3"

hmm, yes, a little, but it was more because of better exclusives, graphics, free online, bluray, etc, the only reason xbox is selling (even if ps3 sold more each year), it's because you can play for free !

rob60212564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I'd go as far to say Edge get's their original stories and 'unnamed' sources directly from (probably) Microsoft's PR department - whether they know it's MS or not I don't know - but they sure do print the stories. Part of responsible journalism includes investigating your stories in search of the truth. They quote percentages to hide the real figures just like Sony or Microsoft's PR would.

Yesterday we learned Smear campaigns really happen and exactly how.

jke822564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

//edited out

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n4gisatroll2564d ago

Everyone wants to discredit Sony. I just don't understand the hatred.

M-Easy2564d ago

Obvious news is obvious.

Greywulf2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I'm with you. I'm irritated at the hackers for taking down the network...

I'm irritated when some gas station steals my cc and i need to get another one...

But I'd never trade in my PS3 for a 360 BASED ON ONLINE ALONE. If I wanted online play, and ONLY online play with its shallow list of exclusives, you'd have one already? Wouldn't you? XBL is a superior service. But both offer the same general online play experience.

They are making it out to seem that all PS3 owners are just waiting on Sony to screw up to buy a 360. GT5 & Life outside of gaming has kept me busy. Still game on the PC/Netflix as well...

I wonder why EDGE rates games with no single player so harshly, if all that matters is online gaming. Since no one can enjoy single player gaming?

Fuck edge.

CameronL992564d ago

Completely agree, EDGE is soooo trying to be controversial by giving amazing games really bad scores just for the attention, they're trying to use the Simon Cowel and Howard Stern method of getting people to pay attention to them - by being controversial. That crappy site Destructoid does the same thing, all flame bait articles.
I just think this whole thing with PSN is hilarious, I personally hate online gamers, they cheat, they scream racist and sexist nonsense, they're bigoted low IQ'd morons, and I'm glad they're now forced to get a life for a couple of weeks. But really who am I kidding, offline games will take up more than enough of your time in the mean time.

RBlaze2564d ago


Edge were marking all games like that for a long LONG time, before Simon Cowell appeared (I'm fairly sure anyway!). And that's a fairly large number of people you're grouping into the definition of online gamers!!

To be honest, this is another flame bait article from a site begging for hits. I understand that there are times when we should have lots of news about a particular subject on n4g... and the PSN downtime is clearly something that people are interested in so all the news on that is understandable! But it is getting nearly impossible to sift through all the rubbish to find ACTUAL GAMING NEWS!

Please stop posting and approving this flame stuff! By all means, post about PSN because a lot of the PS3 guys will be interested in when it comes back! But this is pointless!

cliffbo2564d ago

Edge has double standards all the time they put down most ps3 games unless they are close personnel friends with the devs they do it with the Wii too.

they also praise 360 titles over and above what they should overlooking flaws that they would consider unacceptable on other platforms.

they WERE a decent unbiased publication once but have steadily gone downhill for sometime descending to even fanboy status now.

RBlaze2564d ago


Fair point, mate... Tbh, I haven't read an Edge article in a long LONG time so I have no idea what they are like now...

But back when I did read them (before the 360 and PS3), they were good... Marked harshly but fairly. If they've changed now then it is a shame :(

rob60212564d ago


The thing is you don't have to read an 'edge' article to become a victim of media manipulation. EDGE is cited as a source in Most Tech sites ranging from Kotaku, Cnet, ZD, ars technica.. ect ect. ect. So Edge actually has a broad reaching power in this regard.

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Jocosta2564d ago

For me its not really Sony, its their fans. I have a story, but it would be a wall of text. Lets just say a game store clerk got fired over the altercation.

bub162564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


any company who uses outdated firewalls and cant even be bothered to encrypt your password! does not even deserve to be running

bub162564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


because their lack of security?

i say "lost" because it was only a matter of time before this happend. Sony were basicly giving it away!

blackburn102564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Get current if your going to spout hate. The credit cards were encrypted, there is no proof that their firewall were outdated, there is nothing anyone can do with your personal info anyway, passwords will be changed as soon as the system comes back up, Sony has a protection plan in place for anyone who is concerned and no bank has reported any form of fraud or credit theft. So keep hating on the people who were sucker punched by hackers instead of the hackers themselves. It's no big deal. Lots of pointless, endless Sony hate this gen. A little more won't hurt

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slinky1234562564d ago

Edge has always been haters.

Lekumkee2564d ago

FACT!! Not a single one of my gaming buddies who owns a ps3 only has traded their systems in. Do I believe that there are ppl that did trade their systems? Of course I do, I just don't believe that there's a mass exodus like Edge(haters) is making it out to be, not even close.

Iroquois_Pliskin2564d ago

yeah, i bought Edge magazine and i hated it so bad! There wasnt a single ps3 news on that piece of crap! so i bought instead Play Mag

lol i traded in my ps3... to get a new one!

Troll_Police2564d ago

If you trade your PS3 for an Xbox Gamestop should give you money and the Xbox.

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