Mass Effect: Bioware AU Interview

Bioware, makers of some of the finest RPGs of all time, are putting the final touches on their space epic and IGN AU was invited to speak with Bioware's Chris Priestly, Community Coordinator. He goes into detail on the size of the game's planets, the length of the game itself, easter eggs, sequel plans, current status of Baldur's Gate III and teases with a tentative DLC release timeline.

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socomnick4074d ago

Arggg I want to bone the blue alien chick already.

Evil0Angel4074d ago

will MS/SONY ever deliver HD porn in XBL/PSN ?
What do you think ?

Dr Pepper4074d ago

I'm glad to hear that planets will be similar to Taris and Kashyyyk in size (which were pretty big, after you completed everything) and even bigger. This is especially good, since he says there's "20 to 30 full-sized, plot driven planets where you're going to have to explore around". That is a lot more than there was in KOTOR.

But all this talk about KOTOR makes me want the third one. Please start working on it Bioware! Anyways, I can't believe it's less than a month away. It's going to be an awesome gaming experience.

socomnick4074d ago

Starwars = Teh Gays
Mass Effect = Teh win Because of all the boneing of the Blue chicks :)

Chris_GTR14074d ago

thats kinda wierd. so theres 250 planets.. but u can only explore 25?

Dr Pepper4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I saw it differently. He said not all of the 250 planets/areas are explorable, and that 20-30 are big and are based around the games plot (and need to be explored). He doesn't say that's all there is for exploration (there will be smaller planets with less to explore, I'm assuming).

BLACKJACK VII4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )


DLC for Mass Effect & Halo 3 for Xmas !!!

"IGN AU: How much of the game do you think has been seen publicly?"

"Chris Priestly: Five percent! [laughs] At best. You're looking at a game that, depending on how you play, how rapidly you progress through the story, how quickly you pick up combat and SKIP dialogue and so on, it'll take 20 hours. But then there are those people that play, like me, who want to do a romance plot, do party NPC plots, who get sidetracked with sub quests and such - then you're looking at maybe 60 hours AT LEAST."

Dr Pepper4074d ago

It also has a lot of replay value (different character with different skills, plus playing through the game good or evil), which will probably push it well over that 60 hour mark. I really can't wait for this title to hit stores.

power of Green 4074d ago

Is right those 250 planets are in the game and the devs have said they will release Oblivion like content so expect some of the worlds to be accessable later on that you can't in the retail game.

Dr Pepper4074d ago

I also heard that the DLC will be connecting the story between #1 and #2, making it content that is actually worthwhile to download (unlike what is released for many games). Not sure where I read that though...

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