Fifa 12 : Amazing new scans

A lot of new images for Fifa 12 showing improved graphics, tackles and the menu of the game.

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lunicmaster2770d ago

last year i didn't bought fifa 11 but this year i'm totaly gonna get this one

dangert122770d ago

improved graphics? couldt be lol XD

zootang2770d ago

Please, 3D for be a pro and be a pro goalkeeper. It would take Fifa 12 to a whole new level.

Vherostar2770d ago

*yawn* it will be almost exactly the same game people will buy purely for updated rosters..

news4geeks2770d ago

Hopefully this will be their first good fifa since '97.

linku2770d ago

A lot of promises,it should be a big step for Fifa,may be as big as between Fifa 08 and Fifa 09.

hamburger1232770d ago

FIFA 11 Froze on me the whole time I hope they fix this in FIFA 12

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