Gran Turismo TV Goes Live

"If you have downloaded the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Demo, you will now see that the GT TV icon is active. You will see a little NEW tag on it, letting you know there is content available.

The first three available videos are in standard definition. They are from Best Motoring, Autobacs Super GT, and D1 Grand Prix. Here is a quick video showing the screens and the download process." - PS3modes.

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kingofps33992d ago

3 videos are up. Downloaded 2 of em, one more to go.

Cant wait till they unlock the 2 locked cars and reveal the secret car in the demo. 23rd - 25th, I heard , as the day they unveil the cars in the game.

DrPirate3992d ago

I'm alot more excited to see Fuji Raceway unlocked.

kingofps33992d ago

I don't think that is gonna happen. Isn't it only one track in the demo?

Madmax12819803992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

ive just looked on psn and cant find the demo anywhere. is it available now?

Done that. d/l it now appreciate the help thanks:)

Ducati3992d ago

Which store are you looking on, as the demo is only available in the Japanese store.

lokimendivil3992d ago

You have to make a japanese account

Skerj3992d ago

I'm watching the drift video now and I must say this is a nice feature. I do think it needs to be improved in the video controls though, fast foward and rewind would be appreciated. As would a timer to let me know how long the video is, guessing they'll put that in, but overall it's very cool.

Einherjaren3992d ago

The replays are just like HD concept aren't they??

Skerj3992d ago

Yeah, but GTTV isn't replays. They're videos from races around the world and such. I think they're going to try to get live feeds in for the final version of GT5, as well as the ability to spectate game races etc.

Madmax12819803992d ago

Wow this game looks pretty good but cant help thinking that the cars feel and handle just like the ones in gt4 and the tire sounds are the same too. none the less its pretty good. cant wait for the full game:)

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