New shots emerge from Bionic Commando

Capcom diffuses some new screenshots from Bionic Commando, the upcoming classic action title rearmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Making an amazing leap and swinging into the next generation of gaming, Bionic Commando combines the genius of the bionic arm mechanic with the power of next generation hardware.

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the worst4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

its look like lost planet
(reply)a tad better maybe this mite
be the first capcom game ill
buy on ps3 no way street fighter hd
will be my first

Kuest4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

MUCH better

games4fun4048d ago

way better than lost planet way better.

Robeezy4048d ago

Anyone know what engine they are using? They're own perhaps?

Sevir044048d ago

uses their new Framework engine. they announced it when they announced that dmc4 was made multiplatform.

Jinxstar4048d ago

This game looks amazing. I never thought the old one was that popular.... Didn't have forums back then though either =P I loved the old one.

Kuest4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

the old one, myself- I think the fact that we can both AGREE just goes to show how awesome Bionic actually is. In fact, I'm wiling to bet this game as a potential GOTY! Any takers? I know there's MGS4, Killzone, and Fable...

Never before has a GAME teaser amazed me more than most MOVIE trailers. Bionic was just THAT good.

Kuest4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Thanks, but no thanks.

Alas, I have too much dignity, my friend. Seriously, I just couldn't bear the shame of playing ancient NES games on my computer (actually, this would be the first time I even loaded a game onto my PC).

Wii60PS3DSPSP4048d ago

Well your loss then, I have the original cart myself but you can't go wrong with a site that has hundreds of nes games to play.

Kuest4048d ago

it just wouldn't feel right for me... I don't normally play games on my computer, you see?

Oh, but what the hell! Who am I to deny a chance to play Bionic, huh? You know what, fine. I WILL play me some Bionic. See you in a few...

Dr Pepper4048d ago

Sorry Gen16Snes, I didn't mean to disagree with you.

Jinxstar4048d ago

Hopefully you like it Kuest. I loved it. I never understood the story or ever beat it as I was that young, or it was that hard.... Not sure which... But I did play the hell out of it.

WafflesID4048d ago

BAH. You can't call yourself a gamer if graphics are the only thing you care about.

There are still NES/SNES games that I play to this day that are every bit as FUN as anything coming out these days. Arguably even better.

Hell, just 30 minutes ago I finally finished Super Paper Mario for the Wii. :)

Castlevania: SOTN is still better than any castlevania released since.

Seems kind of ridiculous when you say you have "too much dignity" to play older games. REALLY hard to take you seriously after hearing that.

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