Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Official Website Open

"Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo 5 promises to possibly be the most exacting and detailed racing videogame ever created. The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue gives you an online-enabled sampler of the GT5 experience," writes IGN.

New screenshots, videos, info on cars and courses, TV feature, are all available through the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Official website.

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MaximusPrime3957d ago

nice looking website.

So the release of the game is not far off. I'm looking forward to get one.

Violater3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

GT is the holy grail of racing sim for die hard racing game fans.
People can say all they want, but when it's released it will a [email protected]
It is the pinacle of its genre.
It is as Madden to football games, as Mario is to platformers
It is an ICON.
everything else is just playing catchup.

kingofps33957d ago

I will definitely be getting this game. I only hope it releases this year for the North American market as well.

A BMW never looked so good. 200,000 polygons really do there thing. Japanese PSN Store FTW :)

toughNAME3957d ago

shouldnt they open half an official website?



Jamaicangmr3957d ago

Where did you see that Carrera GT did Polyphony get Porsche now?

"The new standard" i like that.

kingofps33957d ago

They always had Porsche in their games.

wil4hire3957d ago

Ruf takes porsches and modifies them. But they aren't the porsche brand. They are the faster models

Jamaicangmr3957d ago

Yeah am talkin about RUF am talkin the actual Porsche manufacturer. So was that shot taken from GT5 though?

DarkArcani3957d ago

It's not from GT5.... It is a Gemballa Mirage GT. I don't know why this pic is being used to represent the game.


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PirateThom3957d ago

I'm kind of disappointed, the car list doesn't seem to include Toyota... I want my Celicas.... :(

Jamaicangmr3957d ago

This is GT5:Prologues car listing not GT5.

PirateThom3957d ago

Oh yeah, I know that... but I was hoping to take them for a spin while waiting for the GT5.

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The story is too old to be commented.