Bonus Round:E 4 All Expo

GT sat down with three GT users to see if E 4 All is really about the people.

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aaquib54045d ago

Wow, that was the worst Bonus Round I've ever watched. The guy on the left seemed arrogant, the guy in the middle seemed like he couldn't get off of Reggie's groin, and the guy on the right was so nervous he was funny. He kept moving his hands up and down on his knees, while the guy on the left was grinning like he was the best, while the guy in the middle was masterbating over Reggie.

DarkArcani4045d ago

And the same guys are on next week. "Special Guests" are so bad. Since they are all is college they should take a speech course. I guess I am skipping next weeks Bonus Round.

ddcab4045d ago

So much hate. I was reading the comments on the GT site and it's crazy how people can bash 3 ppl they don't even know. They were just giving there opinion on the games there. I guess fanboys don't stop bashing with consoles, they bash ppl to. Sad. Get a clue they're not experts so stop being jealous u weren't picked 4 the bonus round.

DarkArcani4045d ago

I'm not trying to hate, it's just they need to slow down with what they say. Half the time I couldn't understand what the dud on the right said, and he was cutting in most of the time. I was being serious about the speech thing, they need it.

otherZinc4045d ago

This is what I mean, they are to young for someone with the game experience of myself to take seriously and they were horrible!