The Teabag Greetings Card

Ever had an opponent's virtual nutsack resting delicately on the tip of your nose? Then Etsy user bsangel (she of the excellent Red Ring of Death card) has the perfect comeback for you. A card to tell the teabagger just what you think of such shabby treatment!

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ElementX3623d ago

Forget virtual nutsack resting on my nose, i want the real thing.

Skerj3623d ago

Between that and Bladestar thinking real life is the Matrix in the White PS3 story I don't know who wins. Um anyway I need one of these cards for an upcoming anniversary.

Kuest3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

don't EVER do that again... or, at least, have the courtesy to warn us.

I'm not homophobic, or anything. Its just that I rather not burden my memory with such *thoughts*. A warning next time, if you will. Please.


Its quite alright, friend. No hard feelings.

Noodlecup3623d ago

I thought element's joke was funny, I guess some people on here have no sense of humour/are homophobic/american :-/