Silent Hill 5 - E for All 07 Interview

Akira Yamaoka talks about the music of the Silent Hill franchise and how it brings a unique experience to the gamer.

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lynx1halo4072d ago

In all honesty...for some reason it doesnt appear that this game is living up to next Gen standards as it looks like a glossier version of the previous volumes....HUGE LETDOWN

T_O874071d ago

but its not a huge letdown , i think konami are playing safe with silent hill 5 .

if silent hill 5 beats SH2 story wise its gona be amazing
imo silent hill 6 is going to be the best SH :)

lynx1halo4071d ago

those are my thoughts my opinion its the companies that push the envelope and take gaming to another level...regardless of risk that deserve the respect...such as Insomniac Games....but alas Silent hill will still get my $60 as the story lines and general creepy atmospheres draw you in