Mass appeal: Screen Play interviews BioWare's Chris Priestly

The Age's Screen Play provides highlights of an interview on Mass Effect with BioWare's Community Coordinator Chris Priestly. Priestly gives an introduction to the game, the main playable character Sheppard and character customization.

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ASSASSYN 36o3894d ago

Ok we get it with all the cutomizations now freaking release already.

BLACKJACK VII3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Less than a month away Asssassin !


Tha's right DarthNihilus, I think me, you & Dr.Pepper are the biggest fans of Mass Effect I've seen on N4G.... Bubbles for you !

ShiftyLookingCow3894d ago

indeed, MASS EFFECT ftw!!!!!

socomnick3894d ago

Yes 1 month away from boneing the Blue alien chick >:)

jcgamer3894d ago

don't forget me and Kuest buddy...Mass Effect FTW!

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ReconHope3894d ago

you said it right . whoo hooo!!!

Zhuk3894d ago

Another month another AAA game for Xbox 360 this one is GOTY material and will be considered another classic game from Bioware


i was reading through an old make and they were talking about this being released around spring, it has been a long time.

can't wait for it though. this should really push some next gen goodnes in our faces and give the other dev's a better idea of what real next gen is !

can't wait.