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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1735d ago | video

Starhawk: 13 Minutes Of Epic Gameplay Footage

Check out new gameplay footage from Starhawk. (PS3, Starhawk)

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ipconflict  +   1735d ago
Epic game is Epic!
dangert12  +   1735d ago
Do sony own light box?
what ive started to notice is
sucker punch and light box are doing amazing
and there not ownded by sony?
but then we have killzone 3 and socom 4? both made by sony owned by studio's and those games were imo huge let downs but still im still to play imfamous 2 and strhawk
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thereapersson  +   1735d ago | Funny

Did you see that shit? I don't care if I get reported for bad language. This is awesome!
supremacy  +   1735d ago
You are right, but those studios get much input from Sony's own like in this particular case Santa monica was onboard.

In other cases like infamous 2, naughty dog would lend a hand.

Socom 4 and killzone 3 were rushed to market you can almost feel that by the end results.

Take resistance 2, that game turned out poorly. But resistance 3 looks better in almost everyway imaginable.

It has to do with time and support.
Raendom  +   1735d ago
Killzone 3 wasn't a huge let down. Even if you think it wasn't as good as 1 or 2, it still can't be called "huge" in the same way SOCOM 4 can.
Jezuz  +   1735d ago
This looks awesome. I wanna see Multiplayer Footage, link pls ?
limewax  +   1735d ago
Never played Warhawk, but this looks great, I wont lie, I was hoping for inter-galactic warfare with Junkers and stuff, not battles on a planet. But one can only dream. This game looks great regardless what I was hoping for, But did anyone else dream for the same game I did? Just though that would make a wicked game, especially if you could get 64 player support in with it too

Maybe one day
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WhittO  +   1735d ago
This looks so good!

Not sure about having to build up currency to be able to get a Mech thing to fly, I liked being able to re-spawn in Warhawk and jumping right into a plane.
But we will see lol, still buying either way!
IPUMPMYGUN  +   1735d ago
LightBox Interactive is an American video game developer founded in January 2009 by former team members of Incognito Entertainment, developer of titles such as Warhawk, Twisted Metal: Black, and War of the Monsters.

LightBox is currently engaged in a multi-year, multi-title partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment of America developing games for all the PlayStation family of platforms. The studio relocated from Salt Lake City, Utah to Austin, Texas in the Fall of 2009.

Lightbox Interactive's goals were to continue supporting the Warhawk community by releasing booster packs while Incognito worked on other projects. After the Fallen Star booster pack, Lightbox official started working on their next game, which is rumored to be the sequel to Warhawk called Starhawk. Incognito diffused into different companies in late 2008.

David Jaffe used to work with Incognito.
DFresh  +   1735d ago
Light Box is owned by Sony.
Sucker Punch isn't owned by Sony however I've heard that an acquisition is possible same thing could also be applied to Quantic Dream and Insomniac.
lelo2play  +   1735d ago
Don't agree... looks OK... nothing special. Since it's a exclusive, it's over-hyped. It would go unnoticed if it was multi-platform.

There are way to many good games (exclusive and multiplatform) coming out in the near future, for me to even notice Starhawk.
Nicaragua  +   1735d ago
your loss
BizDaWolf  +   1735d ago
why do you have to troll
Treyb3yond  +   1735d ago
You mad bro?

Seriously, the time has now come that you can't even call yourself a gamer with a straight face if you don't own a PS3.

That's just a fact, and no amount of trolling fanboys will ever change it.

From now until Ragnarok.
snipes101  +   1734d ago
I agree with lelo and I own all three consoles. Fuck disagrees. Fuck less bubbles. That's what I think.

I loves me some uncharted, killzone, valkyrie chronicles, demon's souls etc...but this looks weak. Didn't like warhawk and this is not changing my mind.

EDIT: and I do not think lelo is trolling, he's just saying what he thinks like everyone else on this damn board.
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ERMAC_  +   1734d ago
No, it would still get noticed. You just wouldn't be blathering about those evil Sony Fanboys interested in something your not if it was mulit-plat.
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lelo2play  +   1734d ago
In response of some stupid comments...

I have a PS3, X360 and a very decent PC. I'm no console specific fanboy.

I didn't think Warhawk was anything special and I'm not exited about Starhawk. There are way to many great games coming out... Diablo 3, LA Noir, Witcher 2, Uncharted 3, Resistence 3, Gears 3, Infamous 2, Battlefield 3, Batman 2, etc...etc...etc.
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FamilyGuy  +   1734d ago
The RTS aspect makes this stand out from any other current or upcoming third person shooter. I was never all that interested in Warhawk an thought nothing of Starhawk till now.

I respect that it's not your "cup-o-tea" but I don't believe this is simply getting overhyped because it's a Sony exclusive. It actually has a few dynamics that may excite more than a few people.

And for the Warhawk fans it's an upgrade in every aspect of what Warhawk was.
hazeblaze  +   1735d ago
Yes, it is! Warhawk is still in my top 3 of online games this gen, on ANY CONSOLE. It is easily the most addictive of any that I played... and the upgrades they've made to this game are incredibe! Flying mechs and strategic base building!!!! This game just shot to the top of my most wanted for 2012!
LiquifiedArt  +   1735d ago
This looks so incredibly fun. I feel like this could be what halo was for the xbox. It just looks like such a great fun game.

The Building mechanic came directly from an RTS-eshe idea similar to the Battlezone games, which i've been waiting for for YEARS!
beastgamer  +   1735d ago
Seijoru  +   1735d ago
My mouth is salivating right now.
Fez  +   1734d ago
Firefly-esque too! Brilliant :D
jack_burt0n  +   1735d ago
just imagine what the space stuff will look like so impressed with the game.
SuperKing  +   1735d ago
They've confirmed that there will be space battles. I honestly can't wait. Such a shame this is coming out in 2012, I want it now! lol
Silly gameAr  +   1735d ago
I can't believe how this looks compared to Warhawk. It's like night and day.
Sheikah  +   1735d ago
But in the best possible way, that is - this looks amazing. I seems to play a lot like Warhawk, but it looks tonnes better
NnT3291  +   1735d ago
this reminds me of some tower defence games I've played. Except this is in third person
news4geeks  +   1735d ago
from watching this video the game just doesn't interest me.

@below - why not? I was interested in the game because of all the hype surrounding it on n4g and everyone raving on about warhawk but after seeing it here I think the gameplay looks bland and the graphics are sub-par. I can comment saying this if I like.
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blaziliuz12  +   1735d ago
so don't comment on this article
Shane Kim  +   1735d ago
He is entitled to his opinion and so am I.
GTFO of this article.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1735d ago
Why does it look nothing like WarHawk? it doesn't even give me the WarHawk vibe, and the dog fights look really slow.

The graphics aren't that impressive for a game that's been in development for a very long long time, but the again the WarHawk seems to be the only game I've let pass when it comes to graphics.
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thor  +   1735d ago
This is single-player footage, I have seen some MP footage and it seems faster paced. I mean these guys aren't even dodging because they're just AI.

I just hope there aren't only 2 vehicle types (hawk and jeep is all I've seen) because in Warhawk it started off with warhawk, jeep, tank and they added dropships, APCs and jetpacks.
ERMAC_  +   1734d ago
They can keep the Jetpacks in the trashcan, but I'm willing to bet Jeeps won't be the only ground vehicles in the game. It's an early build after all.
thor  +   1734d ago
You're probably right.

But I've got to stop you there on jetpacks!!
Jetpacks were perhaps the most awesome addition to the original game IMHO. At first I thought they would make the game unbalanced but it turns out that suddenly the flak cannon become really useful and you still need the jeep to get you places and the tank to blast people. Tau Crater was a really well-designed map as well especially for CTF.
ERMAC_  +   1734d ago
I didn't like them, but it wasn't because of the balance. Warhawks ate jetpacks up, even more so than everything else, I just didn't like how they changed the CTF. Seemed way to random and annoying with people just turbo boosting into the flag and running, made rifle battle even more annoying than they already were, kinda gimmicky. But I digress, I can live with them. I know a-lot of people liked them.
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Sheikah  +   1735d ago
I reckon some of the mechanics look a lot like Warhawk elements - the game is also a spiritual sucessor, not a Warhawk 2.0.

But to each his own, eh :)
Blaine  +   1735d ago
It doesn't look anything like Warhawk in that video because that was single player. Warhawk, obviously, was multiplayer only, so it would look drastically different in a gameplay video.

If you were talking about art style though, then there are definitely similarities.

Also, about the graphics: maybe they don't look impressive because the video is tiny and very poor quality! I looks like it'll be very impressive on a large HDTV. That being said, I don't give a shit about graphics! Gameplay is king.

Edit: I should have refreshed the page before replying! My answer was similar to what's already been said.


There will be much more than two vehicle types! They're saving them for later reveals.
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hazeblaze  +   1735d ago
The dogfighting seems the same pace as the original. Plus, the two articles I've read so far confirmed that the online play is just as addictive as the original... that's all I need!

And I don't understand complaints on the graphics... the game looks beautiful already to me! Especially for a game that is a year away!!!
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badkolo  +   1735d ago
so its now a fps game?? with occasional flight?
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Shane Kim  +   1735d ago
Where did you see the first person view? Couse I didn't and I just watched 13 mins of the video.
thor  +   1735d ago
Yeah WTF are you talking about dude, it's still a TPS and flying is still a big part AND they've added some RTS elements.
Cloudberry  +   1735d ago
badkolo  +   1735d ago
sorry it was early in the morn, i meant its now a third person shooter, i never played warhawk on the ps3 so im asking a question not dissing the game.
Sevir04  +   1735d ago
warhawk has always been a 3rd person shooter. what they've done now is bring in the camera more for the on foot parts of the game! personally I thought it looked amazing! the very few naysayers have either never played Warhawk or are your typical haters! :-) bring on starhawk!
badkolo  +   1735d ago
I loved the first warhawk, never tried the second one but never saw footage or at least i didnt remeber it being a gorund game besides a flying game, i never saw people on the ground, this latest one looks like there is alot of ground so i dont know if the game has taken a drastic change or not.

the first warhawk was all air fighting only, si im guessing that was changed for the second game and more so on this new one. cool either way just not sure whats going on.
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Sevir04  +   1735d ago
if you mean the one for PS1 then sure! but the one for PS3 released in 2007 was multiplayer only and had equal parts ground, and equal parts air! if you are a warhawk fan you need to eitehr buy the PS3 version via bluray or PSN. and take to the sky! Its one of the best PS3 online experience ever created and is one of the best online experiences in gaming this gen!
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1735d ago
Gotta say. Game is looking like a pretty beast.
Baba1906  +   1735d ago
no first person shooting i think maybe if you sniper. but thats probably it.
Falaut  +   1735d ago
So nice to wake up to news like this! ~__~ <--sleepy excited!
DarkFantasy  +   1735d ago's amazing! can't wait Starhawk,And Twisted Metal Are going to own so hard!!
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Blaine  +   1735d ago
Yes, definitely looking forward to both those for my multiplayer fix.

Don't get me wrong, I love shooting people in the face in first person as much as the next guy (probably more than most, actually), but I'm really looking forward to those two because they're very different from all the other mp games we've got right now.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1735d ago
The only announcements that would really excite me are gameplay trailers of both Eight Days and Agent. I haven't been blown away by anything for the past 2 years, the only thing that has blown me away is the VGA premier of UC3.

But then I saw actual gameplay and was heavily disappointed.
#12 (Edited 1735d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Falaut  +   1735d ago
That is my E3 this year, AGENT!!!! I hope not to be disappoint Sony, let the tiger out of the bag please!!!!
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SCW1982  +   1735d ago
I wouldn't consider the mp reveal trailer actual footage dude. No worries UC 3 will deliver
TheTruth89  +   1735d ago
this is what happen when a Software House develop a game ONLY for PS3.

Just a FUCKING TRIPLE A, 5 stars 100/100 perfect GAME!
Raendom  +   1735d ago
Looks great, I wonder how far you can fly into space, and loving those RTS elements. Very smooth.
MasterCornholio  +   1735d ago
Looks extremely impressive and the game looks more fun than Reach or Unreal tournament 3. Nice to see that they really are pushing the PS3 with this title.
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DarkFantasy  +   1735d ago
I'm making a note here, Huge Success.. it's hard to overstate my satisfaction..LightBox Interactive..We make awesome Games because we can..For the good of all ps3 gamers except the ones who sold there ps3's but there's no sense crying over every mistake you just keep on gaming until we run out of Cake.
Sheikah  +   1735d ago
This looks like a looot of fun - particularly when multiplayer gets thrown in the mix.
Bordel_1900  +   1735d ago
Looks like they poured a whole bottle of Awesome-Sauce on this game!
hazeblaze  +   1735d ago
The return of the best online game of this gen!!! 2012 can't come soon enough!
ivant  +   1735d ago
This is not a true Warhawk sequel .... just a "spiritual successor."
-IronMan-  +   1735d ago
PS3 Only!
Ares84  +   1735d ago
Pretty sure I will be hated for this but I don't like this game at all by what I've seen. Warhawk was ok for a few weeks but I wasn't a huge fan of that either.
The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1735d ago
WOW!! Colour me impressed. I was worried about this game from the screen shots thinking it was going to be too much ground battles but WOW!!! seeing the gameplay has really made me excited for this game.

Must own!!!
Killzone3___  +   1735d ago
look at the plans , it's slower , they didn't show us the dodge only the one that makes you go backwords but it doesn't look better then warhawk , the robot is tooo big and slow , they should make it faster , smaller and put more weapons , i really hope that they don't change the gameplay of the plans...they just should put more weapons and plans , when i see the robot i get annoyed of the look and the gameplay ...

the look of the players doesn't make me feel like it's warhawk but the moving is the same with sprint , they should put small weapons not only big weapons , i hate the circule in the middle of the screen that help you aim !!! i hate it !! change it and make it small ! it makes the game alot easier and more like socom , just put the same one in warhawk or make it better not worst , we want challening game , a game that makes us feel like we are playing an amzing game , make it exciting and challening ..

i don't like the bubbles , they should make it blue and smaller , when the buildings come down i don't see anything , the game look like in a mess but everything else is amazing ... i need to try a demo...

it's great that they put things from rpg games , i love it , put more stuff but don't make it mess , more options means great game...

background looks amazing ! :D
Figboy  +   1735d ago
Looks fantastic. Warhawk was the PS3 title that really sold me on the potential of the PSN as a viable multi-player network service.

I'm still a primarily single player gamer, but Warhawk had me addicted for months, and the regular updates and expansions just kept adding onto the game. Starhawk was a long time coming, and I'm certainly looking forward to it, especially knowing that there's a single player campaign as well.
Oldman100  +   1735d ago
Wow this looks amazing. The only thing i didn't like was the presence of auto aim with the warhawks machine gun.
ivant  +   1735d ago
Auto aim sucked in Warhawk.

Get rid of the noob ability.
Styj  +   1735d ago
So muuuuuuuuuch explooooooooosion ! OMG !
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Angels3785  +   1735d ago
I find It funny that the guys says "we don't have a playable version of the game" but then turns around 2 seconds later and says that he thinks the controls are touchy. LOL
ivant  +   1735d ago
Okay, I'm going to say it.

The transforming mechs are lame and unnecessary/pointless.

Warhawks were already overpowered with the hovering ability.

In Warhawk, you can hover at ground level in your plane, firing missiles and guns at ground forces, push jeeps and tanks over bridges into the water etc, quickly land and nade or knife a sniper...then boost out into the skies. This is what us pro players were always doing.

Transforming into mechs is totally unnecessary/pointless.

*** There better still be Tanks & APCs ****

The clear separation of land and air vehicles was a cool part of Warhawk. Those who were useless at Warhawks stuck to the ground using the jeeps/tanks/apcs.


Oh, I just noticed. It now appears the Warhawks can no longer hover ... must now transform into mechs. But it would have been better just to have no hover and add Tanks, and Mechs to the land vehicles. Balanced vehicle classes.
#28 (Edited 1735d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1735d ago
I was excited about starhawk, until I realized it's only a spiritual successor.

I still believe it's gonna be good, but we need a Warhawk 2.0 (3.0 if you count the ps1 game).
blackburn10  +   1735d ago
I love how people complain about graphics and game play long before the game even comes out. It is coming out on 2012 and this is obviously an early build of the game they are showing. But the whining has already begun.God I hate killjoys. You have no idea how balanced anything is or how well everything works or what vehicles you have. You barely know anything and the b***hing has already started.@ Killzone3___ if they make the mech faster with more weapons it will be unstoppable.
ERMAC_  +   1734d ago
Well thats common when people see new game footage.

Anyway so far map layout seems mostly similar to that of Warhawk. The weapons seems similar, but with a different futuristic skin.

Hawk combat seems similar, except now that they've replaced mech mode with hover mode the warhawks will have better balance theoretically and not be overly dominant as they were in Warhawk. No more "herp derp" hover mode zoom in and out breaking lock-on crap. You'll have to make yourself and easier target now rather than just taking a hit and Flying away in an instant to the nearest health pick-up. Maybe now the tank shell hit detection won't be garbage.

The biggest change will be from these buildings. You need to manage your rift economy with your team. I'm guessing build placement as well as build order and timing will play as big a part as the combat itself which will add another huge portion of strategy to the game, somewhat starcraft and maps will probably play a big part on what builds you go. I just worry that these bunkers don't make baserapes more common than they were in Warhawk.
#29.1 (Edited 1734d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Wizziokid  +   1734d ago
Warhawk was my first game on PS3, hell yeah to this!!!
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