Gears of War PC Hands-on: "Not a port. It's more of a director's cut"

Cliffy B has called it "the way the game is meant to be seen". After getting a solid half a day with the campaign and multiplayer on the upcoming Gears of War on PC, Pro-G are inclined to say it might just be the way the game is meant to be played too.

PC GoW is not a port. It's more of a director's cut or an original vision. The higher resolution, extra content and a control system that doesn't make it any better or any worse combine to make PC Gears a complete package. While 360 gamers have been battling the Locust exclusively for a year now, there's a feeling that the game is finally coming home. Time to ready the welcome mat.

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Lionsguard4072d ago

Is exactly what I was waiting for.

Vespertine4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Give Xbox 360 users a chance of having more downloadable content.

But I'm not saying it's a bad thing the PC version gets extra content, it gives people a reason to buy the game again..

DethWish4072d ago

Think they are a little mad on MS since they wanted to do free downloadable content but weren't allowed.
That might be why they're saying all this stuff also

AllroundGamer4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

i will buy the PC version - free online play, probably dedicated servers too, extra content and free downloadable map packs (like people are used to on PCs...)

Edit: btw i finished the game 3 times on my xbox360, one time in coop mode when i made use of the 3 free trial Gold accounts :D

jaja14344072d ago

Yea though I think PC users, including me, are a bit spoiled by this.

DrPirate4072d ago

This is the route I'm taking.

lynx1halo4072d ago

its not a port......its more of a beating a dead horse with a stick....and Microsoft trying to squeeze every bit of money out of an old game
Playstation3 innovator....Xbroke360 imitator

KINGDRAMA4072d ago

there goes all the exclusive titles for the 360. im definitely buying this. ultra high graphics at 1080p + extra content= they shouldve just made this for pc and not the dumbed down 360 version. i hope they add ageia support and full 7.1 sound.

ps3wiipc ftw

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The story is too old to be commented.