Hardware Review: Ferrari GT Experience Steering Wheel

The latest racing wheel to come from the Thrustmaster stable takes full advantage of its Ferrari license and comes with the intent of offering "a unique experience by allowing gamers to enjoy intense racing sensations with a racing wheel proudly bearing the legendary 'prancing horse' emblem... nothing less."

The Ferrari GT Experience wheel does everything gamers would expect it to and not a thing more. If they are into driving games then chances are they have already got one, or maybe they are holding out to see what wheels might be available when the new Gran Turismo ships for PS3. It's not as elegant as Microsoft's Official 360 Wireless offering, but you can't get that to work with PS2, PS3.

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PimpHandHappy4070d ago

when he said the car was to diffucult to drive on GT prolouge but the BMW was spot on.

I wonder if this wheel was for that Ferrari game?

I might spend the money on a GT5 logitech wheel when it comes out.

Violater4070d ago

tried picking up motorstorm this weekend after many many months.
And now i remember why I stopped playing the game.
The interface is AWEFULLL
getting into games is so much of a pain.
Seriously I would love to crap into a bag and put it on Evolution Studios front door.
I swear every PS3 game developer should take lessons from Insomniac.
Resistance by far has the best Online experience there is on the PSN..

[end rant]

PirateThom4070d ago

Yeah, I'd wait for the new Logitec Force Feedback wheel, amazing quality.

Lord Anubis4070d ago

"It's not as elegant as Microsoft's Official 360 Wireless offering"


lynx1halo4070d ago

Its not as elegant as the way the 360 wheels were malfunctioning and goin up in flames...again another one of their products that had to be returned to sender!!!