Dear Steve, Please Own the Gaming Industry Next

Wired's Gadget Lab editor Rob Beschizza writes a plea to Steve Jobs:

Apple, you're PC gaming's only hope!

Please, Apple, come and destroy this world and rebuild it in your image. Your stable, just-works image. Not everyone likes console gaming. Some of us like to think. How about letting us, as they say, think different.

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bung tickler4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

"First of all maybe the BSOD problems you are having arent Windows fault thier your own. Do you have you drivers set up properly? maybe the heat put out is too much for that little cramped box you have. Did you ever stop to think for one second how much easier it is to get something to work in a 100% controled static enviorment that is the crapple? do you realize the millions of different current and future configurations windows is able to handle, no, no you didnt. you crapple IS a console, its a console that to can do very little in the way of games and also do video editing and net surfing on. you cant change or upgrade it. nope once its outdated in two years its time to buy a new one. loser. get a life. get educated"

sorry bout the bad spelling and whatnot, but guys like this get me angry and when i get angry i type crappy... so ehh.

socomnick4076d ago

Apple Ehhhh dont care for their underpowered but beautiful looking products.

nosmok4076d ago

Fact is, Apple do make beautiful looking products but you cant say they are innovative.(neither can Micro$oft btw). They both copy. Apple is closed but works out of the box. MS do the best tools but its not friendly.

Apples are good for design and video editing (final cut pro is amazing) but forget it for games.

When it comes to games even if they release a game centric system dont forget their last attempt.

The Pippin

Side note. Why Apple will not make a game machine but might include a flash / java based game functionality in a update for its settop box.

Because its not their demographics. It would cheapen the brand.. And the money isnt in the hardward.. its in the publishing and the games.
And they are lacking any serious experience in either.. so they would have to buy in and that would cost a helluva lot. and even then its not guarenteed to win. As they would be up against Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft - who incidently have many many years experience on developing and publishing games.

Some of the reason why the PC is the game writer preferred choice is:-
a) Its Cheaper. You can write a game with MASM if you wanted. Hell most homebrew guys used a golddisk version of XP anyways. try buying a Mac without a OS. Most homebrew guys buy the parts and stick the OS on. We all know it..

b) Anyone can start and create a game. I started on the spectrum years ago as many did.
c) Larger installed base. Even a little shareware game like a cricket manager sim can start you off.
d) Development Environment. Visual studio is the best. if you dont like go back to days of using VI.

Pain4076d ago

Cant even think how much beter it would be just would be great, not a mess like winders pc buggy
virurs ridiled Major system required sell kidney for grafixs bla bla bla.
Crisis is a good example.

Apple would own AND!!!! if billy the thife never bought bungie MACS would be SCREAMING GAMES right now Halo wuld have opend many doors, and for the uniformed OpenGL OWNS DX# ask sony

lynx1halo4076d ago

yes apple please come in and overcharge us for something we can get for way cheaper...and then drop the price dramatically and mail us a refund......THOSE IPHONE BASTARDS

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The story is too old to be commented.