Yakuza 4 Review [Game Revolution]

"There is a difference between an opinion and an argument. A review doesn't mean anything if it's just a blithering of opinions unsupported by solid evidence and analysis, which I must note before I say that some game reviewers are wrong. Of course, a certain degree of subjectivity is allowed, but some critics take this much too far, severely underrating Yakuza 4 and the series in general." ~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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dbjj120882596d ago

These games seem like their from another age.... Can't wait to play.

Istanbull2596d ago

Yakuza 4 is already out, I recommend playing it as well as Yakuza 3, one of the best singleplayer games this gen imo.

stormeagle62596d ago

I really wish I had got into the earlier games in this series cause each new release just seems bigger and more epic.

helrazor3432596d ago

Well as a newcomer to the series, I just picked up Y4 on a whim, I'm really enjoying it, love the stories and the characters.

PSjesus2596d ago

Dont buy it......
this game well suck you in,i mean srsly this game is huge.

Volpone2596d ago

Great review. Too many other reviewers don't understand the series and just dismiss it as "old fashioned." What those other reviewers don't realize is that this series is *about* being an old fashioned person in a modern world. That's the whole point.

Good to see some intelligence in the gaming press.

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