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Joni-Ice2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

O.M...Fainted! Looks AWESO....FAINTED again!

EDIT: Here come the jealous haters with the disagrees. Nobody told you to trade your PS3!

Joni-Ice2503d ago

LOL...How do you guys make those?

gaffyh2503d ago

Wow, this looks like it could be Halo for PS3. Warhawk had great gameplay, only thing it lacked was graphics. Now it has the gfx and the sci-fi environment.

LOGICWINS2503d ago

Yeah, the art style looks alot like Halo.

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sikbeta2503d ago

This is Starhawk delivering the best like Warhawk did 4 years ago, just Awesome!!!

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Imtey2503d ago

Look waaaay better than warhawk :)

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Coheno2503d ago

DAY ONE!!! Never got around to Warhawk, but LOVED the demo! And god damn, I'm getting this!

toxic-inferno2503d ago

Please stop comparing this to Halo. The last game that was said to be "Halo for the PS3" was Haze. Then when it didn't quite match up, everybody hated it. This is going to be the new Warhawk, simple as.

mafiahajeri2503d ago

LMAO!! thats hilarious! xD

frostypants2503d ago

Except that Warhawk's gameplay was much, MUCH deeper than Halo's.

NateCole2503d ago

I don't understand the Halo comparison apart from the warthog like vehicle.

How is the colour different from other games like Rage for example.

Man, you x360 fans really need to get off MC's nuts because thats all you guys are seeing.

WhittO2503d ago

:O, Was NOT expecting that!! It looks amazing!!

Warhawk was soo good and I had had MANY hours spent playing it, can't wait for this!

I hope it's not out this year, I am going to struggle to find time between Resistance 3, Uncharted 2 onlines!

Colmshan19902503d ago

I'm thinking the art style is closer to Unreal Tournament III than Halo, but anyways...
It could be set in the land of the pink polka dotted rainbows and I wouldn't care- IT'S WARHAWK 2! :D

gaffyh2503d ago

This could convert a lot of Halo players to PS3. I know some people say not to compare it to Halo, but Warhawk has great gameplay and great online, now it looks like Halo. That's not a bad thing, and they're not ripping off Halo like many fanboys will argue. There will still be deeper online, and more vehicles e.g. planes which Halo has never had.

starchild2503d ago

I agree. Warhawk was great fun, it just didn't have the greatest graphics. This looks awesome and should play awesome too.

rockleex2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

socomnick: "ahaha sony just wants a halo. Shame they couldn't hire better devs to make one."

Haven't you heard? Bungie went multiplat. >:D

Lyr1c2503d ago

Sony confirmed for PSN Redemption

jeseth2503d ago

Can't Wait !!!

I love Warhawk, I still remember the demo version of it that came on the PSone!

Now all we need is tha damn PSN to come up !!!

Day one for me.

pixelsword2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Halo being one of my all time favorites, I don't see the connection at all, unless everyone's looking at the one where the two guys are in the buggy and one's in the gunner's chair; but you could already do that in Warhawk PS3.

The art style reminds me more of Red Faction: Guerrilla, or borderlands without the cell-shaded outline.

RedPawn2503d ago

"Kain, you the master of the Gif."

jaysquared2503d ago

" There will still be deeper online, and more vehicles e.g. planes which Halo has never had."

Wow that's how you know this guy has never played halo! You should google hornets and Banshees(which has been in halo since the beginning!)

HolyOrangeCows2503d ago

Where are the aerial vehicles?

kikizoo2502d ago

"ahaha sony just wants a halo.
Shame they couldn't hire better devs to make one"

LOl, delusional much ?

the best devs are already working for sony, and halo is nothing more than an unreal tournament clone (and ps3 have already one, with user content !)

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princejb1342503d ago

omg is this really the succesful sequel of warhawk, cause this looks awesome and very different

andrewf912503d ago

I'm looking forward to dogfighting in space with you all.

the_kutaragi_baka2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

looks great, but unfortunately the original game is practically non-existent in fanbase of PS3 ( under-rated game)

Joni-Ice2503d ago

I still play Warhawk to this day but it is a under-rated game.

frostypants2503d ago

It also was a close-to-launch title, and the vast majority of PS3 owners got their consoles way after its release.

R8342503d ago

Whenever I go on, there's still a decent amount of people playing.

ThatCanadianGuy2503d ago

Notice the wings on the mech thing? Wonder if certain hawks might be able to "transform"? Would make for some easy transitions from air to ground combat.

Crystallis2503d ago

That would be Sic! and a blast to play. I cant wait for this game.

Hanif-8762503d ago

If they confirm 64 player battles then its probably gonna be a Godsend. I just can't believe it looks so good though, it looks like Halo+WarHawk/2

Hanif-8762503d ago

I wasn't thinking about this game but its surely on my to get list along with L.A Noire, Battlefield 3, Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3


Im not a Hater but you need to calm down buddy! It looks good but its no Gears or Uncharted graphicly....

spongeboob2503d ago

Your 1 bubble says you are a hater, so STFU and stop trying to tell people what they should be excited for.

GodofSackboy2503d ago

I dont think "jizz" is normally appropriate on this site.

But this is Starhawk.

ZombieNinjaPanda2503d ago

Cannot wait to get this. At all. Mechs. Ftw.

NobleGamer2503d ago

looking great! Finally the most wanted game and envied game amongst Sony fanboys , they get a similar looking game like Halo :D

Colmshan19902503d ago

My most envied game was Alan Wake- it seemed like it was designed with my personal tastes in mind, right up until I was told it was a 360 exclusive! Wasn't enough for me to buy a new console though.

showtimefolks2503d ago

i was always interested in warhawk but never played it is the community still strong should i give it a shot?

and yes this i will get day one i won't make the same mistake of missing a great game series twice

so i am guessing we will see the singleplayer and multiplayer footage tonight on GTTV.

NobleGamer2503d ago

its mostly dead...only remains the die hard player base and the pros you would be wasting your time, I hope also this time around sony fanboys stop talking and actually support there games...Looking forward to this also though. Maybe a campaign this time around? but i doubt it this games are pretty much unknown to average PS3 owners.

BitbyDeath2503d ago

Last 3 weeks has been dead. Before then it was still pulling around 600 people a day.

There's a website that displays all the daily stats for it.

Colmshan19902503d ago

The community is strong- I only joined around January, and I've never struggled to get into a match.
Just go for it.

pain777pas2503d ago

This looks really good. I hope there is a singleplayer side to this game. Warhawk gameplay wise was incredibly good and fun. I hope they add a single player component to the great gameplay.

Lifewish2503d ago

in the middle of your fainting, I FAINTED.. help??

lil Titan2503d ago

Kool-aid man voice "OH YEEAAHH!!!"

N4realGMRZ2503d ago

You mean this isnt Halo?!?!?! oh Dear.................looks pretty average

Greywulf2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


Count me the fuck in.
I finally can relive my exosquad fantasies!

Pain2503d ago

And release!!!

Anyone got a cigaret?

FamilyGuy2503d ago

This looks AMAZING, it's now truly on my radar.

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LOGICWINS2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Mechs confirmed!

EDIT: LOL, the second screenshot looks like the Warthog from Halo.

RedPawn2503d ago

Dude, look at the mech arms, I think that thing turns into a jet fighter.

Holy Shit!!!

crimsonfox2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

this actually looks fucking badass WARHAWK!!!
the 3rd picture looks rad their engine is allot better this time. I wonder what else they have going on behind the scenes that will be bad soon as PSN is back up imma jump on the WH now. this got me in the mood

Muerte24942503d ago

You know you're right! I actually feel the need to jump back on warhawk.

Colmshan19902503d ago

Sony, you've unleashed the interest in Warhawk again.
Turn on the PSN so I can play it again!
And while you guys are at it, give the community a boost- make it one of the free games.
I already have it from the PSN, but it would be brilliant if a load of noobs were added, 'cos I'm crap. :P

rebirthofcaos2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

awesome, day one. and sorry for the people that changed their ps3 for a 360. we still be able to play without paying.

Nitrowolf22503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )
def looks like a warhawk type of game. God dammit i want the trailer now

this looks like it's from Halo (the warthog)
also anyone think the mech transform into arial vehicals? Just look at the arms, they are wing shaped
I'm curious though, it might not be starhawk, but still a warhawk type of game if you know what i mean.

also have a feeling these are screenshots from the single player mode

carter202503d ago

looks amazing graphically and im sure gameplay wise itll be even better!!!!

PLASTICA-MAN2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

it looks very next-gen like and PS3ish unlike Warhawk which was sloppy in that domain(understandable, if you watch the making off, the engineers were confused were to allocate some tasks and resources wether on the GPU or on the SPUs. They didn't get the meaning of the SPUs at the beginning)

gamerz2503d ago

Good observation about the Mech possibly being a transformed Starhawk. You might be right!

RedPawn2503d ago

Nitro not to take away from HALO's credit, but that vehical reminds me of Red Faction Guerilla.