Wonderwallweb Review Folklore

In the run up to Christmas the Playstation 3 catalogue is now starting to grow and thankfully a lot of the games being released are of high quality, take Folklore for instance, this is a game which has had a quieter release than most, while other games such as Warhawk and Resistance have been taking the Playstation 3 limelight, this game has sneaked out without too much fuss being made over it, however don't be fooled by this because Folklore is probably one of the best and most original games to be released on the console so far.

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Baba19063708d ago

dont trust the folks...... or trust them? muhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

AdolfBinBush3708d ago

what the hell is Wonderwallweb??

Skerj3708d ago

An Oasis fansite that happens to review games as well?

Wii60PS3DSPSP3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I lol'd at their release dates. Halo 3 and Killzone 2 for 2007-10-01? wtf... 73 days for Halo wars and Metal Gear Solid 4? How can I take them seriously if they can't get their release dates right?

lynx1halo3708d ago

Its such garbage that reviewers cant see that real Gems like these and Shadow of the Collossus and they usually nitpick every damn detail to death lowering its rating ....but if it has a multi million dollar ad campaign like Halo3 everybody hops on the Fanboy TRAIN!! ALL ABOARD!!!

rushbd3708d ago

good . very good. a truly unique game

ElementX3708d ago

I am getting a LITTLE tired of this game. I'm on chapter 3 and playing through with both characters is a little lame. The game is fun though

Baba19063708d ago

u should play 2 or 3 chapters with one and than switch it makles it way better.

ElementX3708d ago

Alright. But you still have to talk to the same people and go to the same places, even if there are a few different enemies :)

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