Brunswick Pro Bowling: Eurogamer Review

Eurogamer writes: :Let's get the inevitable comparison out of the way. Brunswick Pro Bowling for the Wii is a bit like the bowling game in Wii Sports, in that it's a bowling game for the Wii. It's not as good though."

"Actually Brunswick Pro Bowling is more like Rockstar Table Tennis, at least in theory. It's meant to be a realistic sports sim which is easy to pick up and play, but offers more depth for longer term players. It's not as good though."

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FirstknighT4072d ago

Damn I was hoping that a real bowling sim would come out on the Wii that uses the control with perfection. I don't dig the other cartoony wii games.

the worst4072d ago

dont buy this game on the wii
90% of the wii games sucks

AllroundGamer4072d ago

the problem is, that the casual gamers don't care about the reviews, they just go into the shop to buy some game for their new gimmick(wii)...

MK_Red4071d ago

Good point Ri0tSquad.

Awesome comment AllroundGamer. Bubbles for you.
Wii and casual is making the gaming business more like hollywood box-office and movies.

We all know that movies that are well recieved from critics and have good reviews usually sell much more less than good ones (Just look how Oscar worthies like In "Valley of Elah", "No Country For old Men" and "Gone Baby Gone" never make it to the top 3 and are beaten by likes of "Game Plan" and "Tyler Perry's Why did I get married"? Heck, the worst movie of last year The "Epic Movie" was the number one best selling movie of it's release week despite getting Worst Movie Of The Year worthy reviews.

In gaming and case of Wii, we have Metroid Prime 3 that's starting to leave the top 10 best sellers before reaching 500k but games like Wii Play are always there in the top 10. The same will happen to WiiFit which is gonna out sell many better and real games.

thisisim4071d ago


Who says WiiFit isn't a real game? Is Wii Sports or BrainAge? Just because you don't like a genre of gaming doesn't mean it isn't real.

If those games sell better than your favorites, that will tell the industry something...

And WiiPlay is always in the top ten because the Wii is still selling out and people want more than one controller. They figure the extra game is probably worth the extra $10.

X4072d ago

The wii sports bowling is better. When I go bowling, I throw a hook shot. So when I play the game I will naturally throw my hook which the wii sports game reads very well. In brunswick pro bowling, I can't throw a hook because I don't have "hook potential". Ridiculous.