Super Mario Galaxy - Hands-On Preview - E for All

Ripten puts on their blue overall space suits and heads on up to the Mario Metaverse for a hands on preview of Super Mario Galaxy...

"From his first moments, he could jump. Later, with a Tanooki suit or a cape, he could fly. But now Mario has broken the bonds of gravity and gone where no plumber has gone before-the cold lonesome of deep space. What lies in the farthest reaches of the Mario Galaxy? How about pirate ships, surfboard stingrays, and kitschy 80's throwbacks?"

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lynx1halo4072d ago

So long as no one ever dares to call the Wii a next Gen console i can die a happy man......Gamecube2 ladies and gentlemen

Wii60PS3DSPSP4072d ago

Then it must be pretty bad that the "gamecube2" is beating the so called "next gen" consoles.

aiphanes4072d ago

But this new mario game will sale awesomely. I will get it for my dust laden wii...acutally i dust off my wii, xbox 360, PS3 regularly...I can not have any dust of my systems.

But come on wiibots...there are really no good games on the wii besides wii sports, metroid 3, and this game comming out next month.

Jinxstar4072d ago

@ aiphanes.

The wii store is good. SM64, Mario Kart 64, Wave race, Bonks,and a ton of other stuff.

Zelda Twilight princess is an awesome game. Paper Mario isn't bad either. Metal slug Anthology also kicks ass.... So I don't know what your talking about. It has games. Maybe not a ton but Wii sports and Metroid are not the only thing it offers. It has a browser. Built in WiFi and some good features like weather and news... So basically... It may not be the best but for the price when Brawl and Galaxies are released it will make it even better...

neogeo4072d ago

I'm a "Wiibot" please reefer to me under this name for here on out.

cooke154072d ago

This game looks incredible. There is nothign else like it on the market.

lynx1halo4072d ago

there is nothing else on the market like the recycled Mario......except for Mario 1...Mario 2.....Mario 3....wait a second?