New images and info on the Kingdom Hearts compilation

Famitsu have posted new interviews with Nomura and co. about the Kingdom Hearts compilation in their website. Each article also features new images from the games.

· Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Some important information that Nomura gave in this interview are that the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II: FM+ will play an important role in the PSP title, and that it takes place before the original Kingdom Hearts. Because of that, a new type of enemies has been created due to the fact they came before the Heartless and the Nobodies.

Nomura also gives a hint on what the new level up system is like. He first says the system will feature a new idea that one man came up with, and then Yasushi, Battle planner of FFXI, comes in and says: ".....The level up is like growing".

The developers of the game are also thinking about featuring two multiplayer modes: One will let two players compete against each other, while the other one lets you co-operate in order to achieve goals.

· Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Nomura was first asked about the name of the game, and if that has any secret meaning. He replied and said that it is a code that will only be understood once we have finished the game. The game is all about the Organization XIII and their daily routine. Nomura has also explained that he chose to use a red color for 358/2 Days' logo in order to represent the sunset of Twilight Town, and he believes the game will make us a bit sad. Nomura says that Namine is not the 14th member of Organization XIII, and she will be revealed during this game. She is a key character, he adds.

This game will not fully use the controls of the DS, Nomura says. He wants people to complete the game, not just "touching their way through".

Riku and Sora will make an appearance in this game, including the famous Riku vs. Roxas scene. Nomura also says that during multiplayer mode we will be able to play using all Organization XIII's characters.

· Kingdom Hearts: Coded
Nomura compares this game to "Disneyland", where there are many attractions. He wishes to do the same, just with content added up to it. Hajime Tabata, Director of Agito XIII, then comes in and says that Nomura first began to explain the idea behind the game during midnight while he was drunk.

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