Thanko Charger Bracelet Has More Wrist Power Than The Hulk

Of all the crazy thing's Thanko's come up with, this USB charger bracelet's probably the least crazy. Instead of having a separate charger that you have to keep close to a PSP, DS Lite or a cellphone by putting both onto a table, this wrist charger lets you wear the power on your person and play/talk like you normally would. It charges from USB in approximately 4 hours and gives 22.5-28.5 hours on the DS Lite (lowest brightness) and 3.5-4.5 hours on the PSP

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Umbrella Corp4046d ago

looks tacky,im a guy who cares about how he looks I wouldnt be caught dead wearing this.Thats just my opinion though

StrboyM4046d ago

took someone long enough to figure this out...for little kids and long trips this is brilliant!

Caxtus7504046d ago

so how does this work? Where does the power come from? Batteries? It doesn't actually say to clearly. Would be cool if it was powered by your body heat lol

I agree number 1. I feel the same.