GT5 Prologue vs Forza 2 Graphics Comparison

Side by side graphics comparison of the recently released demo of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on PS3 and the full game Forza Motorsport 2 that was released a while back on Xbox 360. Images were taken with the same TV, same camera, same settings, same track, same color car, same positioning on track, same room lighting. The comparison is simple, GT5 is on the left while Forza 2 is on the right side. Which looks better in your opinion?

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skynidas3951d ago

GT5 looks best in every aspect

nasim3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

FORZA 2 with plastic car and low poly environments

It is easily visible

@BOT below

How shameless are you exactly ?

You can even see that demo of PROLOGUE looks milessssssssssss better than FORZA 2.

a DVD doesnt have enough space to hold ultra realistic Textures

jack who3950d ago

rofl low poly environments ? gt5 uses 2d wallpapar as environment

ruibing3950d ago

From the cars right down to the trees themselves, GT 5 Prologue Demo (can't believe this is just a demo) looks better. But we need a better in-game screenshots than just taking a picture of a HDTV.

Ignorant Fanboy3950d ago

Its very clear that Forza looks better, stop kidding yourself.

aliveinboston3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Photographing a tv always makes games look more realistic than if you see then in real life. Makes it appear to have better HDR than it really does.

The reality is that Forza2 has pathetic lighting.

There's really nothing you can tell from those pictures except the one with the cars closeup (hence big enough to actually see something) where you can easily make out how much better the modeling and lighting is in GT5. At proper resolution it's not even close. Forza2 looks like a cartoon. Great gameplay though. Glad they went for 60fps even though they had to cut down the graphics to hit 60fps on the Xbox360.

ericnellie3950d ago

Who gives a damn if one picture has one additional tree in the screen shot. They both look nice and if there is a difference, it's not a night and day difference. Put it this way, if you have a PS3 you'll enjoy GT and you have a 360 play Forza. If you have both -- play Forza now and GT6 later.
It's stange how fanboys with 2 bubbles that normally don't make a bit of sense are now getting 23 agrees and 2 disagrees. You guys kill me:)

AdolfBinBush3950d ago

fanboys!! start your engines!!

sloth4urluv3950d ago

I wouldnt say every aspect.
I like certain aspects from both.
I like the way the asphalt looks in forza (tire marks etc, looks like the track has been used before)
I like the foliage better on GT

Overall I think Gt5 looks better, but some things I dont like about it is the reflection on the cars is too much. Looks like the cars are covered in a thin layer of glass.
And while there is more shadowing in GT it looks a litte extreme. In real life shadows arent quite so black because there is ambient light reflecting off of clouds buildings etc.

AnalFace3950d ago

Oh look here, proof that GT5 Is a real racing sim, more then flopsa 2.!!!

bennyace3950d ago

For a game that was suppose to make forza 2 look like a cartoon it's not that much better. It' s always easy to make a demo look incredibly real but when you have actual gameplay it's not that easy.Anyway that's nothing new from sony, isn't it?

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THC CELL3951d ago

gt5 for the win
forza looks washed out and plain

cloud360-7th_account3950d ago

Its prlouge. Everyone know the real GT games get graphic updates.

GT 5 prolouge better than Forza

GT 5 Awesome

kingofps33951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

I dunno if any game can stand up to the graphical quality of what GT5 will deliver on the PS3.

The car cokpit view in the GT5 Prologue demo is incredible! It would be awesome if Rockstar could deliver GT5 Prologue quality in GTA4 or the upcoming exclusives.

Look at comment #7! Desperate 360 fanb1tch.

green_ghost53950d ago



kingofps33950d ago

Somebody get will fellow some water. He is running dry. Since he been sucking on Power of Green's pusssy all day.

sonarus3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

This comparison is quite terrible. Taking pictures of a tv dosent do justice to this game.

WAR_MACHINE773950d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm not getting into this epic flame war in the making without the pics coming from a much better source

socomnick3951d ago

From the screenshots they almost look Identical cant really tell from these screenshots though.