White PS3 Coming To America?

This Rumor Reporter posting refers to the initial Engadget report about the CECHH01 PS3 model that landed at the FCC. The model number was noted to being very similar to the 40 GB CECHH00 model in Japan. The Engadget article suggested that the model couldn't be all too different.

From Rumor Reporter:

"Now, all of you are wondering how I came up with a white PS3 coming to the US. First of all, check out that label on the Engadget's white. Now that's a huge hint. Furthermore, the white PS3 in Japan is CECHH00. This is CECHH01. Can it be? A new white 40 GB PS3 coming to the United States? Count on it."

Place this one under the extreme rumor file at the moment.

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Violater4075d ago

Would be better if they made the 40GB white to make recognition easier.

Panthers4075d ago

screw white. I want the boomerang controller.

bruiser814075d ago

it was posted a few weeks back that we (U.S) are suppose to be getting the satin silver one or something like that

MikeGdaGod4075d ago

360 isn't really's more like "toenail" white

Panthers4075d ago

it also really isnt black, at least not shiny.

Kuest4075d ago

give current PS3 owners a reason to buy their console again. Who DOESN'T like interracial couples?

Skerj4075d ago

I do!! But I'm not about to buy another PS3, I can just put my current one on top of the 360 and shout "UNF UNF UNF" from across the room.

Kuest4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I would, but (alas) I can't. So, I guess you'll have to settle for just one.

Such a shame... your comment= priceless. Seriously, the solution to end all console wars.

Edit: to skerj

Skerj4075d ago

Make consolelove not consolewar :D

solidt124075d ago

You dudes are funny. Dog I would get another one if it came in Silver.

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superdude4075d ago

im tempted to buy another ps3 just for the white one. it looks awesome to me

Kuest4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

what did I tell ya?!


thanks for noticing, man. It feels good to be appreciated (nobody knows how hard it is to time your jokes right!).

PlayStation3604075d ago

That was awesome Kuest. lol

MikeGdaGod4075d ago

if so i'll definately grab another one