Crysis: Graphical Settings Comparison

Side by side graphical comparison with some in-game screenshots from a Crysis beta. Showing the different detail settings of the game, beginning from low up to high, this should give you a good overview what graphic quality you can expect on your system.

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Violater3953d ago

Would have been nice if they gave us the Specs on the PC used.

ReBurn3953d ago

Looks great. But is it just another shooter?

Delta_FX3953d ago

'Moron' should mention that this is a comparison of the DX9 verion of the game, not DX10.

BUM3953d ago

The Crysis beta is only DirectX 9.

Delta_FX3953d ago

I know(I'm in the Beta). I'm saying to tell that to the idiots who don't know the difference/don't know that it's only DX9.

Charlie26883953d ago

Super high settings here I come XD

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The story is too old to be commented.