Sony has a change of attitude?

Destructoid said "I'm not one to go all teary-eyed over any negative news involving Sony, but this next bit of info coming out of Dean Takahashi's blog was more than enough to at least tug at my sympathy strings a tad. While commenting on recent NPD numbers, he had this to say concerning Sony and the PlayStation 3:"

"One piece of news that came out this week was that Sony pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling platform. That change in attitude is a marked difference compared to the arrogance of past years. The argument is that the PS3 will show its strength as developers learn how to make games for it. But developers know they can staff four or five Wii teams with the same number of people it takes to make one PS3 game. We may have a glut of Wii games soon, but that's not as bad as not having enough games on the PS3."

Destructoids advice to Sony is simple -- whatever it takes. Adding backwards compatibility to the 40GB PS3 would be a healthy start in which to build upon. After all, gamers all need something to do while Sony sorts this all out. Question is... is it too late?

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ReBurn4073d ago

This is going to hurt someone's feelings.

It does tell me that my beloved PS3 may not be the powerhouse that its older brothers turned out to be. I'm sure it won't be a flop and tens of millions will sell. But all of the changes that the PS3 has gone through in its first year show that Sony does not have a command of the market like they did in previous generations.

It took one generation for Sony to overcome Nintendo. That's all it could take for anyone.

Lionsguard4073d ago

Sony took two generations the PS1 dominated the N64 and PS2 dominated GC. Neither were powerhouses, the N64 was graphically superior but the format was a poor choice, the PS2 was inferior to the XBOX but the PS2 had much more support. In fact the PS2's full power wasn't completely tapped until earlier this year (God of War 2). Which looks on par with XBOX titles. The PS3 will take some time as well, I just it doesn't that THAT long..

Topshelfcheese4073d ago

I'll never understand these articles. How is Sony's console struggling, when its sold very closely to what the 360 sold its first year. Also lets look at the regular Xbox, sold around 24million in four years, and wasn't considered a good seller, while 360 has sold 12million in 2 years, lets look at that, its on the same pace as its last gen console, but all of a sudden its doing amazing in sale? how does that work? When you compare any console to the sales of the PS2 its going to be crappy, but it seems people only want to compare the PS3 to the PS2 instead of looking at how slowly the 360 is selling as well. Its simple facts and numbers you can't argue it.

verawarez4072d ago

With the playstation brand power, it is no supposed to be about the same the 360's sales, and pricecuts are meaning something and i dont think that is an engineering move, and last considering that 360 is selling that number only with the support of Northamerica and Europe support, and ps3 of the 2nd giant buyer of hardware (japan) it is a really a bad situation for Sony...

ReBurn4072d ago

@1.1 - Nintendo lost the lead in the market with the PS1. The N64 never approached the PlayStation. Part of that was because Nintendo felt that they were the thought leaders and would continue to set the pace. Their bad design decision to use a cartrige-based format killed the N64 before it ever really left the gate. I'm not talking about the power of the hardware as much as I am the approach to the market. Sony knew that they were the underdog with the PlayStation and that's the mentality they used to go after the market. And they ended up with the biggest piece of the pie.

@1.2 - Past performance is no indication of future success. That's the lesson to be learned here. It isn't about raw numbers sold year-over-year. It is about commanding the attention of the consumer. Considering how much the market for games has grown in the last seven years the 360 and PS3 are both pretty poor examples considering how much more cash is out there to be had. Things are not going like they did back then. The 360 was supply constrained in its first six months. It would have sold faster and dropped off sooner if it were not for that. PS3 was supply constrained for only three weeks, much unlike the PS2. The dynamic is much different.

#1.3 - I agree with you. Sony went into this generation like Nintendo went into the PlayStation generation, full of arrogance. They had the Blu-Ray platform that they were pushing ahead with the PS3. Nobody can convince me that Blu-Ray was not more important to Sony than video games. Much more emphasis was placed on getting movies into people's hands than good software for the console. It has taken a full year for decent games to make it to market. Now Sony is backpeddling because they've found themselves in a distant last place and they are scrambling to get their footing. Only the most loyal of Sony fans believes that the PS3 is doing as well as the PS2.

FF7numba14072d ago

No sony is not suppose to sell more because north America is saving the 360.

Skizelli4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

No hate, just numbers.

I'm sure some of you fanboys will cry fowl and will disagree to all your heart's content, but this isn't meant to be a stab at Sony or Sony fans. I'm just personally tired of people crying over pointless articles, as if they called your mom a dirty name, and then flinging poo at another party to make yourself feel better.

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Bloodmask4073d ago

Sony's own arrogance seems to have placed the PS3 in a humble 3rd place in the console race. I guess all of their outrageous claims at launch as well as degrading their fan base have come back to haunt them.

Remember Sony said that the PS fanbase would buy a PS3 at launch "no matter what it was", and also "We could sell 5 million PS3's at launch even if it had no games."

DrPirate4073d ago

They DID sell 5 million PS3's at a higher price point, no games and at reduced functionality.

People now are just awaiting for them to deliver on their promise.

However, there's no doubt, Bloodmask, that their image has taken a MASSIVE blow. I hope this new attitude will make them suck up to us gamers, rather then thinking we all live and die by their word.

cmrbe4073d ago

You keep on repeating the same lines about Sony being arrogant and what has been said "in the past".Why do you have issues with people likeing a brand that has delivered the goods constantly and shaped the console market as is. You think you are mature and most people that like Sony are not when fact is you are the one that is being immature.Grow up. Generally most companies lies and overhype their products because they want to sell them. Sony is no different from MS and most other companies. Deal with it. So what if Sony PR personal are pricks?. only an immature person would take offence with what they say and repeat it over and over aging when any mature person would just take it as Sony PR personel talking BS.

jaja14344073d ago

I have nothing intelligent to add really but you have really got to change the picture you use. The 4d thing. Not so much because I care about the actually picture, more so because I wish for a bit more flavor in my posting picture. So I ask you kindly, change your picture for Sony news!!!

Kind regards
Bunny with Pancake on Head.

SWORDF1SH4072d ago

bloodmask youre here again with a bs article. if you think this article is news worthy then explain how the ps3 is a failure. ps3 as a massive market to tap into that the 360 doesnt and thats japan. with this price drop and major games being realeaded in japan in the next 6 months is a formula thats gonna sell, not thousands, but millions of ps3's and ms can only sit back and watch. also wait til final fantasy hits japan in the future. millions more will be sold. sony also have the european market. not so much with the run up to halo but with the console being dropped to £300 and realeases of haze, singtar (major francise in europe) home & littlebigplanet (could be sleeper hits), uncharted (could be a hit if marketed right) and mgs4 & killzone & UT3 & gta4 being realised next year (i say gta4 because even thou its multi platform theres loads of ps2 owners who will be switchin to ps3 when this comes out) so put all these together and, yep you got it, millions of consoles sold. the us market needs a little more work on but the price cut alone could maybe be on par with 360 sales or maybe overtake. thats a little harder to guess. ms have used there trump card in the form of halo and as seen a spike in sales. but for how long. the 360 as great games but no system shifters, only halo. it will be intrestin to see over christmas how it pans out. but one things for sure the wii is gonna take some shifting off the top spot.

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Meus Renaissance4073d ago

The story of Sony and the 3rd party "plead" rumour is on the front page if I'm not mistaken.

It's at 1110% popularity.

Bloodmask4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

that is correct. But this is a Destructoid "official post" which is their "opinion or critique" of what was said by Sony. And according to the N4G guidelines can be posted as an article.

TnS4073d ago

This the same news from a different site. Duplicate.

jackdoe4073d ago

The only new news is the Destructoid writer's opinion.

Meus Renaissance4073d ago

So why not contribute it as an Alternative link for the original News Story here? Because we're not going to get any real additional discussion based on the same story. Everyone's shared their opinion.

I mean, if it was a sensationally good viewpoint this journalist has then I would have approved but it doesn't seem to be particularly something new in terms of his view point.

randomGuyOnline4073d ago

Above is the link to the true article.

Destructoid is quoting an article which lists no sources. It's his, Dean Takahashi's, opinion. I'm not hating on the guy, I mean, he has the right to say whatever he wants about Sony, but it shouldn't be treated as credible "News". If he wants credibility, he needs to cite his sources.

Let me ask this question to the logical people of this site. Why would Sony say that they were in any trouble with third party developers? Wouldn't that cause there image to appear weaker to the consumer? Also, why would they say that they are pleading with them to stick with their console? This is a complete 180 turn from Sony's normal attitude, and is unsubstantiated. I mean, check the article yourself. The guy lists no sources. Here, take a look at this quote:

"One piece of news that came out this week was that Sony pleaded with third-party developers not to abandon its struggling platform."

Where did this news come from? If anyone can lists sources, please do so. I for one would like to hear where this bit of news originated from, so that I can understand the entire story. Thanks.

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tocrazed4you4073d ago

Destructoid is so anti sony lol

power of Green 4073d ago

Hmmm... I had it the other way around I seen them on par with Kotaku and Loot Ninja, strange.

wageslave4073d ago

Destructiod is _quoting_ Sony. There is no "anti-sony" bias _at_ Sony.