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Fake Breaking News: The Real Reason PSN Is Down

A fake but funny re-telling, of the crisis that lead to PSN's security breach. (Industry, PS3)

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Dart89  +   1660d ago | Well said
Lol after all the bad articles this gave me a laugh xDDDD.
Menech  +   1660d ago
I was going to read Sir but then this wall of text crit me for over 9000....
TheREAL-HyDRo1x  +   1660d ago
Lucky you... you saved yourself a ridiculous stupid read. This should be in the blog section... waste of my time, and everyone else's as well.
I_find_it_funny  +   1659d ago
jke82  +   1660d ago
this is complete shit this is def not front page news
Pain  +   1659d ago
I always thought PSN going down on 4/20 was cuz some stoner tripped on a power cable and they still cant figure what cable was unplugged..
egidem  +   1659d ago
"SON OF A MAG!?" has just been added to my dictionary. :)
IGAMEHARD  +   1659d ago
dont we have enough fake breaking news on n4g?
PS3ROCKS  +   1660d ago
I Approve this message.
EminemAt3AM  +   1660d ago
Menech  +   1660d ago
Why LOL you're own submission which you just wrote do you find yourself that funny?
EminemAt3AM  +   1660d ago
Yes, I do find myself that funny......You got a problem with that?
Menech  +   1660d ago
Not really however it is a little vain.
Etseix  +   1660d ago
i got to be honest, i found myself laughing a LOT more to the poll's votes.

When do you think PSN will be back online?

Solid_Snake-   1660d ago | Personal attack | show
khamvongsa09  +   1660d ago
I thought this was pretty funny.. Not "LOL" funny but pretty funny if you know what I mean? But this isn't really news so...
DarkSpawnClone  +   1660d ago
LMAO cool story bro ;D .. man we need psn back... DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!!!!
RankFTW  +   1659d ago
The first few lines were funny but then I got bored and made myself a sandwich.

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Cenobia  +   1659d ago
That presentation makes it clear that you purchased your sandwich at a local Deli.

RankFTW  +   1659d ago
Haha you busted me, damn!
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   1659d ago
Yo dude I just love your name and Icon. I can't wait for Bad Meets Evil! :)
IPUMPMYGUN   1660d ago | Off topic | show
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   1660d ago
PlayStation fan fiction now, really?

user8397144  +   1660d ago
Sorry but that was lame.
lazertroy  +   1660d ago
Lame and cheesy
brew  +   1660d ago
Butler is down , but don't count him out just yet Microsoft!
younglj01  +   1660d ago
Lmao awesome read...
C L O U D  +   1660d ago
Would love more articles like this
Darkseeker  +   1660d ago
Why didn't he shoot him with his move controller before he could press the button? There is no way a pathetic gunman could press a button faster then a bullet.
theafroman  +   1660d ago
Kevin Butler none of us blame you. After all you did your best. R.I.P Jack Tretton. :'(
Barajas_201  +   1660d ago
this is a total fact, i'm serious
aia12  +   1660d ago
playing a game of blame the xbots I see...lol
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1660d ago
We didn't have exclusives this year but now we have the greatest exclusive ever, online multiplayer...I lol'd very hard at that
SpLinT   1660d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
the_union_of_PS360   1660d ago | Immature | show
helghast102  +   1660d ago
well that sucked, can we get some reports for LAME?
Red_Phoenix  +   1660d ago
Haha, I actually got into it. Very good read imo.
sin151   1660d ago | Spam
kuroukage  +   1660d ago
Breaking news! Continued discussion about PSN is lame! Be original. That is all.
Oldman100  +   1660d ago
Best thing i've read this week.
CKsquid  +   1660d ago
Everyone that is hating on this article is just a 360 fanboy, just cause it rips on your console a few times, you dont have to get upset about it.
Geez. Enjoy it for what it is.
GalenMyra  +   1659d ago
this is not news, why is it posted here?
SolidStoner  +   1659d ago
too much text to read.. and its fake, 2 reasons why not to read :)
darkpower  +   1659d ago
Belongs on Bad Joystick (does that even still exist?), but other than that...pretty good writing!
nskrishna2  +   1659d ago
haha..kinda funny...i likes!..:P
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   1659d ago
Love your icon. Eminem is the best. ;)
nskrishna2  +   1658d ago
yes he is..

inspiring person...he taught me that life is hard, it's just how you hit back at it that matters..:)
MasterCornholio  +   1659d ago
Go Butler LOL
Rockstar  +   1659d ago
I knew this was the real reason!
Jake_Butler  +   1659d ago
I liked it. It wasn't as bad as people on here are making it out to be.You know, it's a good thing to break away from all the BS once in awhile!
mcnablejr  +   1659d ago
gives them something to read while psn is down x
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