Fake Breaking News: The Real Reason PSN Is Down

A fake but funny re-telling, of the crisis that lead to PSN's security breach.

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Dart892291d ago

Lol after all the bad articles this gave me a laugh xDDDD.

Menech2291d ago

I was going to read Sir but then this wall of text crit me for over 9000....

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2291d ago

Lucky you... you saved yourself a ridiculous stupid read. This should be in the blog section... waste of my time, and everyone else's as well.

jke822291d ago

this is complete shit this is def not front page news

Pain2291d ago

I always thought PSN going down on 4/20 was cuz some stoner tripped on a power cable and they still cant figure what cable was unplugged..

egidem2291d ago

"SON OF A MAG!?" has just been added to my dictionary. :)

IGAMEHARD2291d ago

dont we have enough fake breaking news on n4g?

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PS3ROCKS2291d ago

I Approve this message.

Menech2291d ago

Why LOL you're own submission which you just wrote do you find yourself that funny?

EminemAt3AM2291d ago

Yes, I do find myself that funny......You got a problem with that?

Menech2291d ago

Not really however it is a little vain.

Etseix2291d ago

i got to be honest, i found myself laughing a LOT more to the poll's votes.

When do you think PSN will be back online?


khamvongsa092291d ago

I thought this was pretty funny.. Not "LOL" funny but pretty funny if you know what I mean? But this isn't really news so...

DarkSpawnClone2291d ago

LMAO cool story bro ;D .. man we need psn back... DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!!!!

RankFTW2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

The first few lines were funny but then I got bored and made myself a sandwich.

Cenobia2291d ago

That presentation makes it clear that you purchased your sandwich at a local Deli.


RankFTW2291d ago

Haha you busted me, damn!

SlipperyMooseCakes2291d ago

Yo dude I just love your name and Icon. I can't wait for Bad Meets Evil! :)

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IPUMPMYGUN2291d ago Show
SlipperyMooseCakes2291d ago

PlayStation fan fiction now, really?