Devil May Cry 4: Has A "Emo" Hero

Nero is described by Capcom as "cynical and prefers being a lone wolf, often labeled emo."

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Umbrella Corp4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Ive given you all to much information of my life.

socomnick4071d ago

no wonder leonskenedy4life likes him so much.

Lionsguard4071d ago

Maybe it's because I haven't played it yet or something but I just don't understand why they made this new character. I mean he looks almost identical to Dante. In fact I couldn't tell the two of them apart unless I look at the arm. This new character is just going to end up being a new Raiden, hated and despised, then in DMC5 He'll turn into a cyborg wearing stilletos

socomnick4071d ago

lol yea Mgs series are so gay way too much gayness in them the one cool thing about mgs 4 the cool cyborg ninja is ruined by giving it hooker stilletos I swear Japaneses people are weird.

Lionsguard4071d ago

Yea they could of at least given him Ninja shoes or some damn..The fact that Raiden wears heels really put me off. Oh and the fact that everytime Snake grabs someone it looks like he's humping the person. I'd give him all the information he wants if he snuck up behind me and whispered gay innuendo into my ears.

Spike474071d ago

emos too

Though i think there is a line between a character that is dark and an anti hero and a character that wars emo clothes and stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.