E for All 2007: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Impressions

The Wiire's Rob Galbreath gives hand on impressions of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles from the show floor @ E For All 2007. "One of the better reasons to own a Wii Zapper".

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Cole Slaw4046d ago

is such a gay console. Who like its seriously.

Kuest4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

not YOU.

Now, kindly troll eslewhere. Fanboys...


And there's Dr. Pepper! tis nice to have backup...

Oh, and Cole Slaw- I came across your "shout out" in the white PS3 thread. Nice.

Look your new (or are you?), so I'm not even going to ASK what you were thinking when you typed "Cole Slaw" as a name. That alone could last me for days.

Dr Pepper4045d ago

Apparently, millions of people like it (or they wouldn't have bought it).

gamesblow4046d ago

It's an eye sore, I'll tell ya that. Complete and total CAT SQUIRTS, really.

neogeo4045d ago

Because I'm not fat and lazy like you slobs.

PS360WII4045d ago

House of the Dead meets Resident Evil. However mocks just doesn't know gaming.