WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2008: Fighting Styles

IGN: "Forget how you've played WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw in the past, as this year marks the debut of Superstar Fighting Styles. Each of the eight styles features unique special abilities that will completely revolutionize how the game is played. This not only makes each Superstar play differently from one another, but also adds a new element of strategy into each and every match. From performing the death defying moves of the High-Flyer to the punishing maneuvers of the Powerhouse, players will now feel as if they are controlling the Superstars' real-life counterparts. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of each fighting style will be the difference between winning and losing, as it will be up to the player to master them all".

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Mikey_Gee4076d ago

Not a huge wrestling game fan, but this is pretty fun.