The Gears Keep Turning

The Gears of War franchise will be very close part of gamer hearts and after 3 years, it still gets preference over any other game in any serious xbox 360 gamers Library.

Back in 2006 the first commercials were shown on T.V (Remember the one with the “Mad World” Soundtrack and Marcus running through the streets of Sera). It sparks an old interest in video games that gamers thought they had forgotten in childhood and little did they know it would continually play an integral part in drawing us back into a gaming life

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cochise3132776d ago

Gears is a bad ass game, I love it. I played the beta, and it's pretty sweet. I hate that damn sawed off shot gun though ugh. Right now amazon is giving a 20 dollar credit when you pre order this; that's a sweet deal.

lochdoun2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Great article.
Gears of War is a tremendous franchise.