Sony Ericsson to Make Some “Pretty Big Announcements At E3″

Having both your mobile and your PlayStation handheld combined into one sounds like one of the greatest ideas ever, and that’s exactly what Sony Ericsson are hoping you think when you hear about the Xperia PLAY. Already out in most of Europe, and coming soon to the US, the phone has yet to prove itself as a serious contender in the gaming market. However, that may all be set to change as the phone manufacturer is preparing to make some big announcements at this year’s E3.

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doctorstrange2773d ago

I love E3, all the best stuff happens. Here's hoping for some PS IPs on the XP.

Sev2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I really want a US release date. They're taking too long IMO. When it finally releases there will be too many phones with better specs on the market. Not sure if the gaming controls will be enough.

Who is still interested in this? Seems like they missed their chance to bank on buzz.

@below. I've got an inside tip as to when it really is. So I bet they announce it officially at E3. It's the week after. :)

doctorstrange2773d ago

They're waiting for Verizon to give the release date. Here's hoping E3 will re-ignite the buzz.

BigWoopMagazine2773d ago

I may be confusing this with some other sony phone like device, but as soon as I heard the games will be separate from the ones I purchased already on PSN, I lost all interest completely.

ftwrthtx2773d ago

E3 is going to be incredible this year.

decimalator2773d ago

Sony is going to have to step up to get out of the shadow of the PSN downtime.

T3mpr1x2773d ago

Just like last year, and the year before that! :)

Bigpappy2773d ago

I will be a new windows7 gaming phone.

DigitalHorror812773d ago

You will? Can I be an Ipod touch? Hmm..Maybe I'll go as a Zune this Halloween.

Fishy Fingers2773d ago

They have a smart phone in development that people want?

RBlaze2773d ago

I have been a HUGE fan of Sony Ericsson for a while...

But the last phone I had from them was weak... (Mind, it wasn't a gaming one, so this is a tad OT)...

I had the Vivaz... And it died 4 days after my contract expired... FOUR DAYS?!

Any idea whether the current Ericssons are any good??

doctorstrange2773d ago

Some suck, but the arc looks gorgeous

PirateThom2773d ago

Play, Arc and X10 (Standard, Mini Pro and Mini) are all good.

After the Satio, SE really pulled it together. That was a desperate phone.

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