MSXB World Premier Avachat - LEGO Gears of War?

Msxbox-world posted their world premier avachat show which makes for some interesting viewing.

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shades722509d ago

seems more like a videocast to me but with animated characters.

Tompkins2508d ago

is it a videocast or avatar cast or a podcast with video?

silver-surfer2508d ago

lmfao, nice and unique which is good to see and i loved the Lego bomb bit.

zerofourseven2508d ago

Glad to see my LEGO bomb went over so well

Tompkins2508d ago

Very cool and different videocast type thing and certainly something i've never seen anything quite like before. Has Lego Gears of War actually been officially confirmed yet? :-)

zerofourseven2508d ago

Not that I have heard yet, it was more a joke because Wayne is in love with Gears

zerofourseven2506d ago

If anyone has anything they would like to see in a future show, we would love to hear about it on our forums