Angry Birds available on Chrome for free

They’ve flocked the mobile gaming market, PlayStation Network, and are migrating towards handhelds – but today Angry Birds is finally available for the first time, completely free, on the web.

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InFAMOUS12693d ago

Great first start! Need widescreen support and a possible zoom feature, otherwise this is an awesome time killer!

jriquelme_paraguay2693d ago

this is a good reason to install Chrome finally

Best2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

or just go here on any web browser.

Ocelot5252693d ago


works best on chrome

it's a bit sloppy on other browsers tbh

Motorola2693d ago

Its fine on my browser FF 4. Video card maybe? Prolly not

Brash_Attack2693d ago

Playing this now. Could use some improvements to better fit being on the PC, but still really cool.

B1663r2693d ago Show
NyGiants72693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Not a big fan but I'll download it for free just to have it.

EDIT- Very laggy and slow on my comp -_-

teedogg802693d ago

It runs bad on my PC too. Would be good if it ran better.

MasterCornholio2693d ago

I heard a lot of bad and good things about this title. But now thats it is available for free i am going to have to check it out. And i hope TP is included as well

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