Potential Proof That Microsoft has the Hottest Games in Town

The image of a melted 360 comes with the story that Consumer (Hybrid X) purchases an Xbox 360 back in October of 2006, and claims that this is the end result of playing the thing 1-3 hours a day -- in reasonably spaced intervals. He then goes on to say that he's witnessed the most famous three flashing lights in recent history on a couple of occasions, but as a whole, the machine is still functional. Fact or fiction? You decide. As Ripley liked to say.... Believe it or not.

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SacT0wnF1n3st4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

He loses all his credibility when he said the PS 1 has a HDD.

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AllroundGamer4073d ago

he doesn't have time to contribute news, cause he is busy creating new accounts :) look here -

MikeGdaGod4073d ago

he lost even more when he said MS should pay a billion dollars each for MGS franchise and FF franchise so PS3 wouldn't get it

SacT0wnF1n3st4073d ago

All that ass kissing MS is really paying off now isn't it?

Bonsai12144073d ago

on topic: it really warps the plastic like that? in that case, it either generates way too much heat, or its made of very cheap parts. or both. my ps3 heats up its fair share, but i'd never expect it to warp the casing...

off topic: you guys should lay off bladestar. of the people who are enthusiastic about 360, he's actually one of the better ones. you can have an intelligent conversation with him, which is more than i can say for some other 360 fanboys and ps3 fanboys as well.

Bladestar Reborn4073d ago

The PS1 was a typo morron... weird you didn't get that.. Anways... I love the attention I am getting from you Sony fanboys.. why should my credibility means so much to you people? let me guess.. If I lose credibility.. then you.. feel you lies will be true? the PS3 will sell more consoles than the xbox 360?.. bring me down... it will not matter... the facts are still there.. my credibility has nothing to do with sony's failures...

PSWii60 FTW4073d ago

Sony's failures??? another stupid comment. Sony dominated the gaming industry for the last decade with their PS 1 and PS 2. And for the PS3 it has a slow start just like the 360 did at launch.
Oh ya how is that 33 percent failure rate doing for you bladestar?

deadshark14072d ago

em sorry to spoil ur discussion about ps3 sukin but sonys had ups and a load of downs but MS have had there own aswell i mean u guys r probally xbox maniacs but sony and ms i like em both but right now i think sony cd try and care about there fans just a wee bit more agree? sony will haf a big year for playstation 2008 wow ps3 3 or 200 £ oh my i mean give sony a break they have just brought out there next gen console they will have a big exsclusive in nov HAZE 18+ ;0 y cant sony and ms be rivals but not worst enemys agree?

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this is why i own a PS3 PS2 PS1 and they all work, is the brand sony not rrod a.k.a dumbox360 ms freaking brand(MS) STAND 4 MICROSH1T

oohWii4073d ago

I mean, look at the picture, the first thing I see is that the plastic casing has so-called melted. The second thing I see is the plastic FANS behing the plastic casing still in tact and not melted. Obviously, the heat would have had to pass through the fans and thus would have melted and ruined the fans as well.

And we all know what would have followed after that.

I call BULLSH!T, and a pathetic lie to draw more negative attention to the 360. Pretty sad.

mesh14073d ago

MM COULD u tell why there only melting in specific places ? any 1 who believes this is a sony fan ps he used a large screw driver and made to big gapes.

deadshark14070d ago

yea lol (MS)=mucked softly

Meus Renaissance4073d ago

The sad thing is, despite Microsoft upping their game this generation and evolving their software expertise into games aswell; the Xbox 360 will be remembered for its hardware problems as much, if not more, as its success especially in comparison to the original Xbox.

I guarantee you the hardware reliability will be the first thing on the drawing board at Redmond right now for the Xbox "720".

ReBurn4073d ago

You're certainly right. It took Sony 3 generations to get a rock-solid console into the market. Both of the previous generations of PlayStation had problems with their disc drives. The original Xbox had DRE's as well. Sony already learned the lesson that Microsoft is learning now. I bet the next Xbox is going to be as solid as the PS3 is now.

ilkercruiser4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Why this issue never happened yet ?
New tactics to bash Xbox360 before x-mas??

Xbox360 newer heats up that high.
It needs at least 160 Celcius to melt that plastic! ( Water boils at 100 celcius and boiling water cant make hard plastics melt )

This myth is teorically busted!

Close_Second4073d ago

...anyone who believes this is real must simply be blown away by infomercials and have a home full of unused exercise equipment, miracle cures and every book on getting rich quick.

Stories like this thrive off the stupid and ignorant.

Cartesian3D4073d ago

for DEFORMAtion u dont need to reach Melting-point tempreture..

just put a piece of plastic in boiling water and see whats happen..

the problem is XBOX360 is a faulty (cheap maded) product.. and Microsoft didnt solve this problem yet..

oohWii4073d ago

I take it you failed science badly, for the plastic to start to deform, so form of melting had to take place. No one said it was dripping liquid plastic onto the floor.

If a otherwise hard piece of plastic is starting to become, this it is starting to melt, the level of melting is base on the amount of heat applied. As I said before, why are the plastic fans behind the casing not melted or deformed, not to mention, the plastic insulation on the fan wires along with any other soft plastic inside the case would have melted and shut this thing down long before the casing melted. And being that there is no sut, one can't claim that there was any fire of any sort.

Common PS3 guys, please have some common sense and don't buy into bullsh!t that you know is not true.

Extra Guy4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

well i hat to break it to you but a material doesn't need to melt to deform. If it simply heated enough to expand it could warp if held in place. However you're right in saying that the fans would probably have been affected and that to produce that level of warping a lot of heat would have to have been applied. Too much heat in fact. I call this a bit of scewdriver work if you ask me.

EDIT: Hmm on closer inspection i think photoshop would be a more likely cause.

Close_Second4073d ago

No, the problem is not MS - its ignorant fanboys like you.

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