How an Online-Only World Damaged PlayStation 3 and Threatens Everything Else

The hacking of PSN not only managed to break people's trust in Sony's ability to keep their private records safe, but affected gamers everywhere looking to play some big blockbuster games that had their releases at the dawn of this disaster. GameZone takes a look at how this affected PS3 devotees.

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trig4562778d ago

agree, i can't believe their service is still down. pretty ridiculous for a company like sony

jaysquared2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Or maybe Sony should share the cost to run a safe and secure network to it's users by charging a monthly fee! Sony got screwed big time by not charging for psn. If they would've gone m$ way with live then none of this would've happened because they would actually have the money and motivation to improve and maintain their servers since they have paying customers! I know somebody will bring up how live was also hacked and has had problems but hackers were able to only gain access to a few accounts and live wasnt completely shutdown and had to be rebuilt! People just had a few problems here and there!

@fox- you're right! I've said that too! That move of them suing everybody has really cost them alot more! I don't know how much they have lost money wise but I'm sure it's in the hundreds of millions already and it's not even over yet! Gotta add on the cost off the free stuff their giving up for compensation to it's users and to devs as well! Plus you add in the hit Sony's image has taken this can probably cost Sony in the billions!

Fox012778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I'm sure this wouldn't have happened if Sony didn't remove OtherOs, sue Geohot, ask Google to provide IP addresses of everyone that viewed Geohot's video and then went on a suing spree, by suing even more hackers.

They should have just realeased a patch for crying out loud; even Microsoft and Apple aren't that stupid

van-essa2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

What did Sony achieve by suing these guys anyway? Not only it's more expensive (because trials always are), but now things have gotten even worse, lot worse *sigh*

Christopher2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

No matter what Sony has done, nothing warrants the actions taken against Sony and thereby their customers.

So, saying it wouldn't have happened doesn't matter. It did and it shouldn't have happened regardless of the actions of others. I don't believe the answer is to look for reasons why it wouldn't have happened that don't involve improved security on Sony's part.

@disagreers: would love to hear if you feel that the attacks were warranted against Sony or you just disagree with some other portion of my post. I think you might be confusing defending the purpose of the attacks as defending Sony's handling of it.

Dante1122777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Couldn't happen to MS's Xbox360? Didn't Major Nelson account as well as the whole dashboard get hacked before? I think maybe the hackers should target Live to wake a few folks up that this can happen to any company. Can't believe the folks above actually think Apple and Microsoft can't be hacked lol.

Edit: @ disagrees Now Fox admits it. @ below


Joe29112777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

They are disagreeing because the whole dashboard was not hacked, that was one account and access was not obtained through XBL.

Dante1122777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Oh ok, parts of the dashboard were hacked lol (Scrolling information was edited with nasty remarks as well as other parts flaunting in writing that the hacker was in control), that one account was the "Xbox Live Director's" account and it was hacked through Xbox Live. According to the articles, so much stuff was changed and bought on his Live account that weekend before they finally got his account back again. This can happen to any company.

Edit: @ disagrees, I'll get more sources


Live accounts hacked

Stepto's account gets hacked (guy who bans Live user)

I can't believe that you guys think Microsoft, Live, or Apple can't be hacked if motivated.

Fox012777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

No one believes they can't be hacked (I certainly don't).
But I'm sure if it did happen (already happened btw), these companies would simply release a security patch... it's more effective.

jaysquared2777d ago

I guess u guys didnt read my whole post because I did acknowledge that live has been hacked before but the hackers weren't able to gain full acres to all it's members unlike what happened with Sony! Plus they didn't have To completely shut down the service like psn! Also it didn't take a week for them to find out if they were hacked or not!

Look I'm not bashing Sony, i actually feel really bad for them right mow because of how much they've had to spend and the image hit they've taken..I think they did a great job for what they had! Running a free network and improving it without asking it's customers to pay but this is what happens when you run a free service! No motivation or no money to spend to keep up with he latest and greatest security tech and because of not charging they get even more screwed!! You even get complaints from psn users who think they deserve compensation because of the down time! Lol it's free Sony doesn't owe you squat!!

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Scary692777d ago


That's what happens when you have too many uneducated consumers. Many individuals today are still living in a cave where they think nothing can happen to them UNTIL it does.

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thespaz2777d ago

@Fox01 Sony removed OtherOS because people were using it to rip blu-rays.

Sony has the right to protect their IP and prevent people from pirating.

If people wanna attack Sony's servers, then everyone suffers while Sony fixes it. Do these hackers think that by attacking Sony, that Sony is going to say "Okay guys... go ahead and do whatever you want now"?

I'm anti-piracy and it sucks that so many people think they can have everything for free because they don't feel like the developers deserve their money. If a developer doesn't deserve your money, then live without playing their games!!!

JhawkFootball062777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Xbox Live did not get "hacked". When you first create a gamertag, you must link it to a Microsoft live's email. The hackers basically used different methods including brute forcing, and the forgot password technique to find out what their password was for their email and then used that information to recover their gamertag from xbox live since you only need your email and password. So basically their email got hacked, then used to gain their xbox live account.

MaxXAttaxX2777d ago

If it happens to these guys....
...then it can happen to anyone. In fact no network is fully secure including other major corporations including the government.

[On topic]
That's the problem with this seemingly online-only gaming world. There's too much bitching if you can't play some online multiplayer. Single-player is no where near as appreciated as it was just one generation ago!

Yes, it's a shame PSN is not up yet. Up it's for the best right now.
But it's not a huge deal.

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rezzah2778d ago

Maybe if you got hacked and get your information stolen you would understand a bit about what really is going on.

If they release everything early for the customers then likely they will be hacked again, they need to build their security and make everything secure before releasing it.

Think before you type =) Unless you're trolling of course.

Fox012778d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

And, do you think this "rebuilding" is going to stop them from hacking it again? (serious question).

look at the DS, Wii, X360, iPhone... These devices have been hacked to hell, but you don't see them suing hackers for that.
What does that tell you? (serious question)

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Fox01: And why not? If the network is more secured, then Sony will be better prepared in case it *does* happen. So what are you implying, that Sony should allow hackers to walk all over them?

This mess wouldn't have occurred if Goehotz had kept his mouth shut.

EDIT: Maybe you should look at the case against Geohotz. Sony didn't sue him for hacking. They sued him BECAUSE he ran his mouth online instead of keeping his exploits to himself.

But mash that disagree.

rezzah2777d ago

Of course they will try again its not like the PSN will have some magical barrier.

IF they break in again then the security needs to be built stronger and not only that but ways to stop and track the hackers should be implemented too.

They'll keep coming because they are hungry, but Sony needs a reason to divert the attacks on themselves onto another company at the very least.

PirateThom2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Microsoft aren't untouchable, in 2000 they had a hacking incident where code was stolen via their corporate website. The FBI were called in and there was a huge case, various Microsoft websites have been hacked since then.

The only difference between Microsoft's and Sony's incidents is that Sony's directly impacted end users, while Microsoft's didn't. Microsoft were hit hard and since then have had nothing to that scale, all minor incidents, but hacking still happens and this is why Live will never be hit like PSN, Microsoft know how to deal with it and, now, so will Sony.

I made the point that companies will never take security seriously until it happens to them but, because of how publicised it is, Sony's case, for what it's worth, will mean Sony will never face this again, which is why PSN will not be up until it's ready, and other companies will now take notice. Sony were only a target because they attempted to defend their product... how many other companies would be able to stand up to an attack like that?

Prototype2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Too many "It's sonys fault" and not enough "How can I be sure my company won't get his like this"

What really pisses me off; there's so many people claiming "If sony didn't start a war on hackers..." yet they fail to realize they need to protect their investment at all costs - even if it means negative publicity they still need to prove they mean when they say "don't hack our products."

It's situations like these that tell you who really wants to beat a dead horse (As we as starting/spreading lies), and who has enough respect to keep quiet and keep positive thoughts.

TheAmericnDream2778d ago

I have been sitting on an Infamous 2 beta invite since the PSN went down. Sometimes I stare longingly at the e-mail and dream of a brighter future.

NYCGirl092778d ago

Agreed...have spent so much money on them. where did it? Not to keeping my info safe!

AceofStaves2777d ago

There's always a danger of having one's personal information hacked online, unfortunately.

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