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RedDead2775d ago

I will get it for the sake of it, I will burn the guide though, don't want to have a guide for something like this game, it will ruin the experience...

afterMoth2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Now this is developer that deserves my money and will have my money!

While it would be nice to have the guide eventually. I will be playing through it the first time raw, unassisted. I played Dark Souls through the first time that way and it was extremely rewarding. Sure I didn't know what I was doing and I'm sure I missed a lot but it so incredibly satisfying.

Rival_312775d ago

Did I read that right? The collectors edition will be the same price as the regular edition?

Who in their sane mind would bother getting the regular edition anymore?!

KDubyah2775d ago

You can send the guide on over to me .. no need to burn it. :)

norman292775d ago

That wouldn't look out of place sat next to my Demon's Souls black phantom edition :)

Blaine2774d ago

Don't burn it, just lock it away until your second playthrough.

If this game is as close to DS as it looks, then you'll definitely need a guide to get everything out of it.

Bleucrunch2774d ago

It would be lame to go through this game using the guide the first time...ReadDead is right it most certainly will ruin the experience...Its not fun when you know exactly what is going to happen..if that is the case then just buy the guide and read the whole thing and POOF you have beaten the game.

skrug2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )


You played Dark Souls already? XD

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RedSoakedSponge2775d ago

"The Collector’s Edition will retail the same price as the regular edition which is $59.99."

doesnt look like thats the case here.

Dart892775d ago

I am so getting this edition and it's a steal for the same price as the original.

lastdual2775d ago

Exactly. If only every preorder incentive was this awesome...

Aussiegamer2775d ago

I pre ordered from zavvi with free shipping. Yippee. Bargain I would say.

banjadude2775d ago

YES, FINALLY! *goes off to change preorder type*

BlackTar1872775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

were you able to find this already listed somewhere for pre order? Amazon hasn't listed a collectors edition yet.

bangoskank2775d ago

Same. I can't find the collector's edition anywhere.

bangoskank2775d ago

If you're going to disagree with me could you please let me know where to pre-order it or are you disagreeing just for the sake of being an ass?

banjadude2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

No, I am going to see if my local EB Games has it later this week.

Edit: Oops sorry, I had to edit this statement, b/c I thought I was replying to a Witcher 2 article.

Edit 2: I was looking at the gamefaqs board, and apparently ZAVVI has had this listed for some time. If you live in PAL territories, grabbing it from there would be easier.

BlackTar1872775d ago

yea the disagree troll is strong on

bangoskank2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


Thanks. I really appreciate your advice. I will definitely get my hands on the CE any way possible. If the music and art are as good as Demon's Souls the OST and art book would be a necessity. I already checked Gamestop and Amazon and found nothing. I'm sure pre-orders will be available soon.

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redDevil872775d ago

That game guide is going to be like a Holy Book during the first play through lol

banjadude2775d ago

I only hope the guide is very durable (remember the minor fiasco with Demon's Soul's guide?).

Offtopic: I wish I knew about the renewal plan, b/c my guide is tearing apart (and believe me, I take super care of my stuff).

The_Nameless_One2775d ago

First plythrough i will get someone to hide it from me. I wouldn't want to ruin the magic.

Good luck on the 28th.

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