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f7897902693d ago

Well I'm going to buy it. The only other flight combat game for the ps3 is Hawx (and isn't some unknown shit). Fuck that game.


TheKindRoost2693d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

This once great franchise has gone down hill since it entered this gen. Dumping the rich fictional world that build made it popular and dumping it for a generic real world setting SMFH. It looks like the story is been told entirely from the pilot's perspective, which totally suck.

this is the ace combat I know.

Thepro3182692d ago

oh no i loved ACE COMBAT 5 story which was fictional but trailer got another america vs middle east feel . Thats something i grown tried of why can we have flight missions in africa, china, russia, or even back home here in america . But i like the graphics in this trailer please don't disappoint me in gameplay.

lastdual2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I really like the cinematic angles their going for, but plot-wise I really hope the enemy isn't generic Russian terrorists/nationalists/separa tists.

These are fighter jets we're talking about. For modern models, costs can easily rise into the billions, and simply maintaining them takes massive resources. You can't hide jets under a rock, either.

BadKarmaSutra962692d ago

They won't hide them under a rock. They'll use a super-massive flying aircraft carrier! Lol.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2692d ago

I honestly cant wait. Gonna miss the fictional universe but it's still looking quite fun. Hope the campaign is as epic as AC5 (best AC ever)

BadKarmaSutra962692d ago

Why can't someone improve on Zero-G Fighters and release that?