Brink for PC: runs great, plays well online, is a ton of fun

Ars Techinca: Yesterday I explained why Ars Technica would not be publishing a review of the Brink code we were given, and I still believe that was a good decision. However, the PC review code arrived and we have played for a few hours. This still isn't a standard review, not with the short amount of time played, but we can happily report that the technical issues found in the Xbox 360 version pre-patch are nowhere to be seen.

The graphics look good, the game plays like a dream online, and aiming with a mouse and keyboard comes with the expected advantages. I feel like I have finally played Brink, and I'm having a great time doing so. To whet your appetite for a more in-depth appraisal in the coming weeks, here are a few notes on the PC version of the game.

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Ducky2771d ago

... and that's why I've been having fun with the game so far.

starchild2770d ago

PC very often gives you the better experience. I am considering getting this game.

Saryk2771d ago

I'm glad that someone reviewed it on a PC, it does give a gamer a different perspective.

Too_many_games2771d ago

Downloading it for PC right now. if i like it i will buy on PS3

joydestroy2771d ago

i have it for PS3 and can tell you it's awesome!

joydestroy2771d ago

uh, it's a good idea to do the tutorial. you aren't forced to watch it but still get the XP lol

DirtyLary2771d ago

This review really didn't tell me a damn thing about the game. Just basic online gaming realizations we already know.

Dedicated server browsing, mind blowing!

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