Another Mass Effect 3 information blowout hits the net -Spoiler-

VG247: As if the lovely details pulled from an issue of OXM weren’t enough to satisfy your curiosity for Mass Effect 3, a poster over on the BioWare forums has provided readers with some other details gleaned from an issue of Xbox World Magazine.

The information, which we pulled from an updated Mass Effect 3 post over on NeoGAF, has quite few spoilers in it, so if you wish to remain pure and lily white, do not wander off below the break.

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zeal0us2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

repeated info just different site, another person had already posted this info this morning, I remember reading it. Sorry, dude but thx for submitting it anyway.

tigertron2771d ago

I'm betting on this being GOTY 2012. I can't wait. ^_^