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Misterhbk2772d ago

PSP is fucking beast in Japan

jriquelme_paraguay2772d ago

and PSN Outage didnt hurt much PS3 sales

Fox012772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Japanese CONSOLE gamers aren't too fund of online anyway.
Something tells me that most of the Japanese accounts we saw on Sony's fact shit were created by Americans and Europeans.

jriquelme_paraguay2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

i have one account :)
I think the atack on SONY is some kind of racism.. why Xbox never was attacked like this?
Tousands of Banned consoles...

FamilyGuy2772d ago

I came here to check for just that, good to see.

ct032772d ago

It didn't hurt PS3 sales, but 360 sales saw a major increase. This is just a drop in the bucket for Japan of course. But it's not unlikely that the US will see similar percentages.

Sales Apr 18 to Apr 24:
PS3 = 19,033
360 = 1,891

Sales Apr 25 to May 1:
PS3 = 23,954 (+26% compared to pre-downtime)
360 = 4,082 (+116% compared to pre-downtime)

Sales May 2 to May 8:
PS3 = 20,883 (+10% compared to pre-downtime)
360 = 3,419 (+81% compared to pre-downtime)

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petko232772d ago

good, good. just like i planed. ps3 will outsell wii eventually despite:

ps3 launch price 600$
wii launch price 250$ LOL

Fox012772d ago

Pretty sure at this point even Sony doesn't give a damn anymore.

Ddouble2772d ago

PS3 a tiny bit lower than previous weeks but stable. PSP a beast as usual, comfortably above the 3DS.

Inzo2772d ago

The PSP is hammering the 3Ds, and the PS3 is still standing strong. The PSN outage could be a good thing for the PS community, I think Sony is going to show lots of love because of the blunder. A large price cut, maybe, a few amazing deals on PSN(when its back on) this might just turn into the PS3 gamers' advantage.

shikamaroooo2772d ago

PS3 > Wii

seems nintendo its getting beat by Sony in japan