What’s the First Thing You’re Going to do When PSN Returns?

NGR writes: "It’s been a long, hard road these last few weeks. I haven’t cloak-stabbed anyone on Killzone 3 in what seems like forever. We all miss you, PSN. We remember all the good times we had. Really, it makes me think about the first thing I’m going to do when Sony flips that giant switch labeled “PSN”."

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Batzi2629d ago

Change my God damn password!!

Max_Dissatisfaction2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Plug my PS4 in and play some GT6 or Killzone 8
Too soon?

Istanbull2628d ago

Nothing will change, I'll keep on playing my good exclusive singleplayer games.

kaveti66162628d ago

I disagree. I think you spend more time here than playing video games.

lastdual2628d ago

As if we'll get a choice.

1st thing = firmware update

Ilikegames762628d ago

See the choice of free games Sony will be giving us.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2628d ago

I'll change my password and then jump on Blazblue CS2.

lilbrat232628d ago

What Batzi said..LMAO and Scream from joy :-D

FamilyGuy2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

You mean after the forced update an password change?

Get some chick on my list to strip in vc for me :/

make sure my comment is something funny an perverted

sync trophies

badz1492628d ago

definitely sync trophies! I got shit loads of them while offline these whole time!

squallheart2628d ago

Log in buy rockband songe log out xD

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Dart892629d ago

1.Change password
2.Sync trophies
3.Boot up KZ3
4.Give a hug to the 1st person i see on kZ3 and then blow him with a rocket launcher right in his face he won't see that coming :D.

despair2628d ago

ahh but he'll be thinking the same thing, so that should be interesting.

Prototype2628d ago

for 3 change Killzone to Socom :D

Bell Boy2628d ago

I will already of took you down before u puul the

NewZealander2629d ago

Ive got a craving for a bit of modnation, and obviously change password and check out the playstation store, see whats new.

leogets2629d ago

rub meself in peanut butter and boot up bfbc2. ;P

Troll_Police2629d ago

Get the 2 online trophies for Portal 2 and that will be my 19th platinum.

Joni-Ice2628d ago

Hey on a scale 1-10 10 being the hardest, How hard would you say it was to get the platinum in Portal 2?