CNN Money: Video Game Sales Soar In Sept.; 'Halo 3' Pushes Xbox 360 Past Wii

Most Wall Street analysts covering the sector had predicted sales growth of between 30-40%, according to brokerage reports. Sales of game consoles soared 188% for the month - thanks mostly to a resurgence of sales of the Xbox 360 from Microsoft Corp.

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Baba19064047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

gosh it never stops...........

i dont care for whom this news are, these story are so repetetiv..... well maybe its just me- looks like all of u are having fun reading over and over again the same piece of cr.... . ps3 wins this, xbox wins this, who do think will win?, who sells more?...... god idont know, when i started looking up news here it was a bit more interesting.....

KingJames19064047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Are you kidding. This site should be called NEWS 4 SONY. I mean come on. It's not like were even going to the PS3 page on this site. This is the HOME PAGE. Take a look below.

Is The Sony PS3 Right For You?

MGS4 Demo Hands-on: The System-selling blockbuster PS3 truly needs

Killzone 2: Technical Director Interview

1UP: Exclusive Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Footage

Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction new videos

MGS4 E for All 07 Interview, Payton says Blu-ray needed for MGS4

Sony Goes Into The Blu For Christmas Market

60GB for $449 at Best Buy Canada

How User Modifications Work in Unreal Tournament III PS3

PS3 sales on par with 360, launches aligned

PlayStation 3: The Powerhouse Of Possibilities

Home, SingStar, LittleBigPlanet: User-generated Content Is Transforming ...

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Enviroment Tech Feature
***************************** ****************************** * ***********
Then you get these stupid Blu-Ray articles mixed in for good measure.

Blu-Ray outselling HD DVD 9:1 in Japan
Sony PS3 Price Cuts Intrigue Home Theatre Owners

karlostomy4046d ago is a userbased website.They likely make commission based on views per user and clickthroughs..etc.

It is in their interest to ensure stories are well discussed in the forums. Of course nothing works like a flamebait newsstory. I have noticed that the controversial topics are the most commented on, as the fanboys/bots duke it out in anonymous slander matches.
Of course no one wins the flamewars (as if?). The best that can be hoped for is some much needed 'venting'.
Seems the only one who really wins is the N4G traffic counter... ;P

I agree with king james that the PS3 stories are just over the top and quite frankly,IMO, flamebait.

SWORDF1SH4046d ago

baba makes a good point. hes not jus on about anti sony stories he means all the stories on fed up of seeing the same thing. i must of seen the, halo is selling loads of xboxs, story about 5 times and thats jus going throught the ps3 story page. also i keep seeing storys like, 10 reasons why you need a ps3, all the time too. there need to be a better story approving system and a stricter fanyboy clamp down coz i fed up of "our system is selling more than yours" and "go and play on your overheating piece of sh**" comments.

jack who4047d ago

let ownage rain down on them all....

mesh14047d ago

damn i love the pic on the side i need to get 1 for my xbox 360 theme dashboard the pic with the ps3and the 360 in a rumble ,well back to topic 360 owns if u dont have a 360 u wont play geow1&2/alanwake/gta4 1 new map on the bonus content with added missions/masseffect/halo3/ninj a gaiden2/Too human FROM the makers of diablo 1&2 this is an action/rpg with characters from the Thor mythology era and has vast worlds and is story driven and has co-op online play and has all the features diablo had loots from bosses thousand of loot armour/weopons ans so on ITS gonna be amazing basically and many more.

Synex4046d ago

You say "and many more" but we all know you really have no other games to list. Face it no other game is going to really sell the 360; none of them are nearly as over hyped as Halo 3 was.

mesh14046d ago

I DINT buy my 360 for halo 3 hahahah i bought the game sure but i don't even play it that much im p0laying orange box Atm and gears of war and bioshock p.s there are many more other games coming out for the 360 that ive seen but forgot but i cant even think of a larger Sony line up mgs4/final fantasy/gt5 /uncharted cant say it will be a great game we have to see/R&C does not look like a killer ap to me more of the same tbh as the old games and thats its that we know of that many and i say MAY be great games all the games.

Covenant4047d ago

No wonder the PSP is selling better than it has in a while...that Daxter bundle is a sweet deal.

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