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Submitted by MaximusPaynicus 3033d ago | article

A Comprehensive List of People Who Are Ruining Halo 3

1PStart's JW has compiled a list of nine groups of people on Halo 3 Multiplayer who just taint the game experience for the rest of Halo 3 players:

1.) "Swordsmen"
2.) Rocket Whores
3.) "Laser Lovers"
4.) Children
5.) Campers
6.) "Hip-Slingin' Snipers"
7.) Achievement Whores
8.) Deserters
9.) Heavy Breathers

"Now there are, literally, hundreds of different categories for which to lump gamers into. This list deals exclusively with those that, I feel, taint the game for those of us who are on to have a good time. Those groups of players who, no matter what, you just can't stand." (Culture, Halo 3, Xbox 360)

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MK_Red  +   3034d ago
Nice article but children and campers the worst IMO. Campers are the worst thing in any multiplayer game but some games like Counter Strike actually encourage it :(
The deserters are also terrible.
PimpHandHappy  +   3034d ago
yea i hate open mic
its one trend i hope comes to a end.

You have acheivment whores on warhawk also. PPL that try and get the one badge and dont do a dam thing for the team. I caught one guy sitting in a snipers nest for 10min of a zone. I look and he has no kills. I run up there and tell the dude to move or im going to start killing him. I run out to a zone and get killed. I come back and he is still there. My rambo knife takes him down and a few ppl on the team say thank you.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   3033d ago
Team killer. Hypocrite. You get both.
Omegasyde  +   3033d ago
seriosly pimp what gives you the right to teamkill?

He bought that game just like you and if he wants to play the game like you want to, he should to.

Team killers are the worst however and you just lumped yourself in that category.

If don't like how your teammates play, join a freaking clan.
PimpHandHappy  +   3034d ago
Campers are a fact of life
its how u counter it is what makes u good.
Ignorant Fanboy  +   3033d ago
We had a camper in Halo last night, he was sitting in this room with a Plasma Sword, when we walked in, he would kill us with one hit.

After about three times, we quit going in that room, at the end of the match, he only had a few kills, because none of us fell for it more than twice.
P4KY B  +   3034d ago
I hate the Achievement Whores the most.
The best way I deal with them is to agree to whatever they want. Then once they meet up in the centre of the map kill them all with a couple of grenades.
Quite often they will quit at that point.
Bnet343  +   3033d ago
omg me too
they want to get achievements in lone wolf, so i agree with them, them i kill them, but then they all send feedback, but I send feedback for system tampering
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   3033d ago
Rename this article "Waaahhhh this is a list of all the things owning me because I blow at this game!"

The only things that ruin the game for me would be the leavers and team killers because they affect the game. Complaining about weapons is just an excuse.
Tsukasah  +   3033d ago
I don't like halo but I have played halo 2, not much of a difference! =P ..not trying to be a fanboy... lol. Anyways, I think little 12 year olds who talk smack, campers, achievement whores, spawn campers(SOCOM, specifically), and vehicle whores. Only way to remedy it is to boot out the ones you hate....

They should make a top 10 group of people that ruin all multiplayer games. #1 should be the people who don't vote out the person who's needed to be voted out, especially when its 1 more vote needed... countless times that's happened on SOCOM =[
bluebrad1974  +   3033d ago
Every gamer on Halo 3 multi-player is 1 of 7 out of 10 of those things at any given moment.
Sounds like this person is just blowing off steam.
DJ  +   3033d ago
Yeah dude, someone's just mouthing off about
things that every Halo player ends up doing eventually. I mean, I wouldn't hang around with a bunch of guy's that have no battle tactics whatsoever, or run around in an open area just so I can get sniped instantly.
wangdiddy82  +   3033d ago
They forgot 2 of the biggest ones..
Team killers - The people who like to kill you when your on the same freaking team..

singers - I hate the people who sing or rap while they play..
gogators  +   3033d ago
screamers are much worse than singers,
unless that someone is singing and screaming at the same time.
PimpHandHappy  +   3033d ago
thats why i hate the open mic. I started to hate Vegas because of this. They really need to stop having open mics because to many ppl a ignorant and dont care if they are ruining your game.
Bloodmask  +   3033d ago
It's funny
how this thread is about Halo 3 but all of your comments are about other games like Warhawk and Vegas.
Ignorant Fanboy  +   3033d ago
Is it really funny?
Jdash24  +   3033d ago
i think rocket whores who are children are the worst........cuz at the end they just laugh and say " i blew you up.....hahaha" its annoying as f@ck..........also desserters are really bad too, they just cripple your team
RudeSole Devil  +   3033d ago
I'm not prejudice I hate everyone.
The BS Police  +   3033d ago
It's funny because...
Alot of those complaints are legit tactics in all FPS games.

Nothing much more fun that watching idiots run into the swordspawn in The Pit, even though I am their with the sword pwning them over and over again saying to myself... when will they give up? lol.
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3033d ago
Anyone with brains adapts and overcomes...

Someone who blows sh!t will write a b!tchy article, showing the world how horrible they are.

I don't really see his point about the "Hip Slingin' Snipers" though. All I gathered was he was upset that he was getting his face blown off by someone with more skill at the game...?

Agree with the 'Heavy breathers' though. Teamkillers suck too.
bluebrad1974  +   3033d ago
Here is a hilarious video of a Sword Camper

It's from
bootsielon  +   3033d ago
Yes, they are legit tactics
But they don't reflect SKILL. I don't remember which fighting game was it, but there was one fighting game that allowed you to keep making the same moves (like every other fighting game); the difference was that the more you did it, the less effective it was. It is an effective way of rewarding skill and punishing camping (or whatever).

That shouldn't have been overlooked by Bungie or any other developer in any game.


I was going to say that's not skill... but Skill is an abstract term, so let's say it's something relative. However, I'm betting that Bungie didn't take three years to make a game where everyone is camping. That is, you certainly have some "skill" at finding loopholes in the game, but you can bet your ass those loopholes weren't intended.

Let me explain further with two examples that relate to reality. The financial and economical system is a relatively solid way for people to hedge risks; to lend money and borrow money, all with risks. However, there are certain situations where you can *take advantage* of the market to have "free meals", or profit with no risk, and none of your money involved. That's called arbitrage, and it's a "legit" way to make money. That doesn't mean it's ethical, or that it should be done. When that happens, institutions actually lose money. It's up to you if you're selfish or not.

Same thing with law. You can find loopholes in law that have actually saved murderers from jail, like O.J. simpson and so on. Well, of course it's legit that he's out... relatively. However, what does the legal system intend? Does it intend that criminals not be punished just because the law doesn't explicitly tell you they're criminals?

You can play on a game, "cheat" if you will like that, and call it a skill. But that's not the skill you're supposed to have for playing the game. I can steal the answer codes for the SAT/GMAT/TOEFL/GRE or any other exam and call myself skilled because I actually adapted to the situation without being caught and get a high grade. However, I don't have the actual skill I'm being required to have.
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The BS Police  +   3033d ago
Actually it does reflect skill.
Skill is defined not by one thing, but how you can adapt to certain situations, dealing with campers/camping, managing your team, etc. and turning the odds in your favour.

The fact is you can't win games of territories, CTF, assualt, and VIP without camping or using power weapons.

Doesn't matter how you put it.
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   3033d ago
thank you.
+Bubble for you BS
Hagaf22  +   3033d ago
who cares
youre not going to stop campers, or spawn killers. if you dont like it then dont buy fps, other wise just learn to teabag those who do it when you kill them. and this isnt halo specific this applies to fps' in general
Bloodmask  +   3033d ago
If you are good
at Halo 3 you will camp or at least be cautious of where you go. And also be aware of where your team is and use good communication. The idiot who keep running out in the open and getting sniped or BR'd to death is the reason why your team will always lose.

And is a mistake of low level players. Getting kills isn't as important as "not getting killed" at least in Team Slayer bc even if you only have a score of 1, if the other team has 0 you still win. I'n not saying camp the whole game but just have good awareness.

Someone who is a good Halo player can kill their opponent no matter what weapon they have. Just by being aware of where the enemy is and using your surroundings in accordance to what weapons you have. I've always hated the players that think they are better just bc they always have a Sniper Rifle or a Battle Rifle. It a lot easier to get kills with long range weapons. It was really bad in Halo 2. But Halo 3 is a lot more balanced. Especially with the new Assault Rifle, and with the Plasma Pistol being toned down.
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Imalwaysright  +   3033d ago
Campers.... I cant stand those cowards
ASSASSYN 36o  +   3033d ago
Idots running into campers I love you.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   3033d ago
Hate yourself for sucking. Not the people that don't.
You got to be kidding me. This lists takes away virtually the whole way to play halo or any other game. Quit crying and FIGHT harder little babies. I shoot from the hip with sniper you get hit TOO BAD so SAD. Duck next time. If I find a spot on the map to lay down suppressing fire and do it all day because you keep running in the open. Thats me laughing at you.

If you can't see the pre-firing 3 second targeting laser pointed at your head then light em if you got em. Cause, I am a lasercat.

Rockets scientist I may not be but I will send one into you if you charge me.

HELL-JUMPERS -That sound you hear isn't the sonic boom of our drop pods decending from's the sound of the angel of death coming to collect.
Bloodmask  +   3033d ago
You are absolutely right
To the people who hate campers or a team that uses strategy. You are most likely the idiot who runs across the playing field with single SMG or Plasma Rifle. And are also probably the reason why your team always loses.

It is always good to have a long range and also a mid range or even close range weapon. In combination with grenades anything can work. A really deadly combo is a frag grenade and a BR shot to the head. Pretty much instant death.
Ps3Fanboy777  +   3033d ago
360 users whine a lot
Its true.

360 users just whine about everything. People who play there console, people who dont play there console.

Just shut up. Sorry you suck.
Covenant  +   3033d ago
1.) "Swordsmen" -- aka the n00b stick. For people with no skill.
2.) Rocket Whores -- aka the n00b tube. For people with minimal skill. I wish there was a way to confine it to only being used against vehicles.
3.) "Laser Lovers" -- at least it requires some time to aim and shoot
4.) Children -- 12-year-old pottymouths are the bane of the game
5.) Campers -- Goes allllll the way back to games like Quake 3. Still sucks.
6.) "Hip-Slingin' Snipers" -- and they NEVER shut up about it
7.) Achievement Whores -- I prefer to get mine honestly now. So far, no one's asked me for boosting help.
8.) Deserters -- a problem in Halo 2, as well. But in H3, they lose experience points.
9.) Heavy Breathers -- those are a distraction, as well as the ones who carry on outside conversations while they play.

Those things SUCK about H3 multiplayer....luckily, they're exceeded by the game's incredible gameplay experience.
jackdoe  +   3033d ago
Sad list. These people aren't ruining the multiplayer, just adding another layer of challenge and accomplishment when finally kill the son of a biatch.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3033d ago
ugh campers piss me off. Example: were playing zombies on sandtrap with 16 people, their is 15 zombies and one human, the mother fuc*er is hiding in this little spot with only one entrance so everytime you try and go in you die (if you know zombies you die in ONE shot since you have the energy sword) anyways it was annoying as hell, because it's not skill and it's annoying spending 10 minutes watching 15 people trying to kill the same asshole because we can't even get to him since only one guy can go through the entrance at a time.
Tone  +   3033d ago
People seen to forget, that you shout newbie etc to a guy, camper and such.. that person might of just got said game and has hardly played it...

Remember.. everyone sucks at 1st when you 1st play a game online compared to people whom have played it for ages.

The only people whom should be branded camper etc etc, should be the people who play the game constantly and are still doing the same thing again and again.

On another note, i hear camping will be non exsistant in COD 4 :D

when you spawn, you will be untouchable for a certain amount of time.. so i have read anyhow.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3033d ago
No, your wrong. The spawning in COD4 was actually kind of idiotic, many times I was spawned in a firefight of both teams and either got shot to death before I could move, or I got stabbed right away.
Tone  +   3033d ago
I am talking about the full game mate.. not the beta. I too participated in the beta and i know where you are coming from.. hence why the developers listened to people in the forum because that was one of the main concerns.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3033d ago
OoOo ok! Well the single player should be like that anyways.
dirtrider  +   3033d ago
wow this guy must be a noob at multiplayer
the number one thing that ruins any multiplayer online game- glitchers and trust me when the glitches are found in gaylo then u will have something to really complain about. i dont play vegas anymore or most other games deathmatch cause of this annoying problem, i mainly play co-op now unless it is good ole ghost recon advanced warfighter. peace xbl name is demented spirit
The BS Police  +   3033d ago
What is this Gaylo you speak of? Is it an PS3 exclusive? lol.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3033d ago
yes Gaylo is gaelic, translated it means "Haze" :D hehe.
eleaz14  +   3033d ago
I guess that gaelic was created after Haze was cancelled for 360 right?
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DJ  +   3033d ago
I know this guy's complaining about Snipers and Rockets
but a good player can snipe a rocket-wielder before getting hit, or just plant a sticky grenade on them. You deal with camping pretty easily too. There's optimal camping spots for distinct parts of each level, and we just ended up memorizing them and threw grenades around those corners before walking in (or planted a Sticky on our side in case they pulled a Rambo).

Actually, if it wasn't for grenades, I'm starting to think that Halo would've been damn unbalanced. The videos of people getting killed by grenades thrown across half the level are just hilarious, and seeing it in person really does make your day, even if the victim is on your team.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   3033d ago
good post DJ and yes I wholeheartedly agree that the grenades are hilarious and seeing someone get blown up by one is far too ten minutes ago, I stuck a guy in the head, his friend jumped after me, they both blew up, I stole their ghost and than proceeded to kill 12 more guys in a row without dying lol and I gotta say I was laughing for a long time after that because Halo for some reason is a game where you get excited by killin the other team lmao
Daxx  +   3033d ago
Children I can tolerate (mute button is a nice feature), campers I loath, and achievement whores who are trying to boost I kill. I haven't run into to many deserters yet. Maybe because it actually penalizes you when you do leave a game early.

Thank God there is no modders yet. Also thanks to Save Films we can now catch them in the act. >:-D
Skizelli  +   3033d ago
Some of the maps just have terrible designs, none of which hold a candle to the likes of Sidewinder, Blood Gulch, Battle Creek, Hang 'Em High, etc. Snowbound always comes down to that center room in a fight for the shotgun; Isolation boils down to the sniper or shotgun spawn; Construct is a camper's haven with 3 camping rooms to choose from. Back in my Halo 1 days, my friends and I would play with no shields and no motion sensors. Halo 2 forced me to get used to shields, which was fine, but Halo 2 and 3's matchmaking forced me to use motion sensors. That's pretty much the root of all camping.

It amazes me what players will do to win to make up for their lack of skill. Sorry, but camping in a sword room the entire match is not skill. It's so easy, a caveman could do it (har har). Perhaps part of the reason people keep going to the room with you in it is because they don't think you'd be lame enough to still be there. I especially hate the players that ride around in a Ghost. What, are you not good with actual guns? Jetting around in one of those, picking off people engaged in gun fights requires practically no skill, either.

What I hate most of all, however, are the players that act as if being good at Halo, or any game, will get you chicks. Nobody cares if you're a good player. You're not unique. I'm a level 40 in Lone Wolves, but it doesn't mean jack and I don't throw it in anyone's face. I play for fun, to better my skills with all weapons, in any conceivable situation. I was playing Team Doubles on Construct against a couple of 12 year old punks when my teammate quit. One of them had the sword the whole time and they pretty much camped the whole match. I was down, so I had no choice but to pursue. Needless to say, I lost. At post match, both of them boasted about how they weren't even trying. Since when is camping around with a sword not trying? Kids today... child abuse should be legal.
#28 (Edited 3033d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PS360PCROCKS  +   3033d ago
While I agree with most of your post the ghost is fun to use every once and a while because I just love driving in Halo games I think it's fun as hell...anyways like I just told DJ "like ten minutes ago, I stuck a guy in the head, his friend jumped after me, they both blew up, I stole their ghost and than proceeded to kill 12 more guys in a row without dying lol and I gotta say I was laughing for a long time after that because Halo for some reason is a game where you get excited by killin the other team lmao" this was on a team where we lost the game with 100-68 and I had 30 kills and was the game MVP. Anyways I had 3 guys who had sat their controllers down, and 2 guys trying to snipe and me and 2 others running around against 8, so the ghost in this situation was useful for me because I was already facing long odds, but I got a good laugh out of it cause I raped em for a minute straight.
jackdoe  +   3033d ago
You're getting too angry over a Halo 3 match. Those campers and ghosts are annoying but you get used to it. As for boasting, that's why there is a mute button.
FirstknighT  +   3033d ago
Welcome to the world of Halo Online. People just love to smack talk.
Skizelli  +   3033d ago
@PS360ROCKS: I'm referring to players that do this in ranked games, and that's ALL they will do. Yes, driving is a lot of fun in Halo, but that Ghost has no place in some of Halo 3's maps and game types.

@jackdoe: Yes, mute is nice, but I said "post game". Why mute when I can just back out? :D And I've been dealing with these kinds of players since Halo 2. I'm still not used to it. But I deal with it.

@FirstknighT: I don't know if it's just the Halo community or the majority of society's youth, but there's a lot of morons taking up oxygen, that's for sure.
ElementX  +   3033d ago
I have yet to play multiplayer Halo 3
mesh1  +   3033d ago
RASCIST RUIEN EVERYTHING THEY ARE SCUM FILT every racist on the net/xboxlive on halo which tey are alot seems every 1 is shud burn, reflects that their parents are nothing less than the scum of the earth they only ppl that ruin HALO 3 is racist end off and the are weak ppl in life.
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