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Blacktric2773d ago

Day 1 for me. Can't wait to discover the story behind Burned Man.

GodsHand2773d ago

If Joshua Graham a.k.a. The Burned Man is the guy with the bandages, I thought he would be bigger, like Lanius in Fallout:NV.

2773d ago
Minted2773d ago

I was gutted he wasn't in the original game, after all the talk about him

RageofReaper2773d ago

I absolutely love Fallout, but that looks so boring. Not a good trailer at all.

After the shambles of the last DLC (I hate it so much I've blocked the name out of my mind, something to do with Sierra Madre...its not important!) they really need to wow with this next one.

Adexus2773d ago

I thought the last DLC was one of the worst DLC expansions I've ever played, but the trailer has got me interested in this one, I'll end up buying it anyway since they'll probably raise the level cap.

Drazz2773d ago

Looks...weird. Still gonna get it though.

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