New Dragon Ball game will have manga style graphics, destructible battle fields, and more

New details for the new Dragon Ball game are revealed


UPDATED with the first trailer of the game in action

2nd UPDATE: First screens posted

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shikamaroooo2722d ago

graphics look good especially the cell shading

2722d ago
LOGICWINS2722d ago

Hmmm..this might be the one that I ACTUALLY buy. Can't believe it took em this long to put in destructable battlefields.

Fox012722d ago

Let me guess... it goes up to Cell. and a sequel next year will cover the whole story, again.

FishCake9T42722d ago

I hope not. I want all the characters of Tenkichi to return.

Fox012722d ago

I hope I'm wrong though, I really do.

stealth500k2722d ago

so I Guess this is a tenkaichi fighting game

Baka-akaB2722d ago

So basically , they pumped crap most of the years , and decide to release a potentially good one for the 25th anniversary ?

I guess the only next good one will be for the 30th anniversary

kagon012722d ago

They're milking the sh** out DBZ...


And people like you milk the f*ck out of that phrase, dont like It then why comment?

just_sayin2722d ago

Sorry she's been dry for years

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The story is too old to be commented.