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CheatCC says, "Many people are tired of the zombie fad. We already have Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, and Plants vs. Zombies, as well as zombie DLC for every FPS known to man. We're all sick to death of zombies, right? Well, make room in your heart for one more dose of zombie goodness. Dead Island is the darling lovechild of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Dead Rising, and she's finally almost ready to meet the world."

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Saryk2772d ago

This is a game that sounds interesting to me and I am not tired of zombies.

Blaine2772d ago

I'm not tired of zombies per se, but rather the horde of generic and uninspired games that feature them.

I haven't been interested by a zombie game in a long time, but this one's piqued my interest. Looking forward to more media and hoping for a demo of this game.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2772d ago

Resident Evil lost it's zombies way back where it lost it's dignity

Left 4 Dead 360 ONLY it got limited to about half of the gaming legion,, There's always PC But my PC Got turned into liquid SH!T by a virus (Figures it's microsoft :D)

Call of Duty Zombies: Just an online competitive mode, No story, No complex characters No real goal @[email protected] you run around screaming into your mic like a douche but at the end of the 2 hour 4 player co-op run,, Your still in the same room with the same brain dead idiots and the zombies too!!

Red Dead Redemption: Undead nightmare = It's Rockstars way of saying they can't fail,, and we heard them loud and clear,,

Dead Rising: Fun, Emotions MIGHT run high while playing co-op but you don't really give a [email protected] if your dress wearing man friend is getting eaten by zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies: Loads of fun even without the Horror in Survival Horror

There ya kids ENJOY!!

MasterD9192772d ago

Zombie games are awesome. Period.