Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - New Tetsuya Nomura Interview

Japanese gaming magazine, Wii & DS, had a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura (Kingdom Hearts Creator) in its recent latest issue. During the article, Nomura revealed new intriguing elements of both Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and KH: Coded..

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jkoz4075d ago

I'd heavily disagree on that...

Loony Lolly4075d ago

I mean... It has no touchscreen support and it has very limited use of both the DS's screens. It doesn't seem like the game was made for the DS, rather that Nomura is trying to squeeze the game onto the console - something he shouldn't really be doing. If FFTA2, FFXII:RW and FFIV are all made from the ground up to suit the DS, why isn't this one? I certainly won't be buying it if they're not even going to bother making a Kingdom Hearts game for the DS.

Umbrella Corp4075d ago

Im anticipating this game more than the psp version.It has potential.